What Beer to Go with that Burger? Ziosk Can Help

We continue our series of posts on how Microsoft customers are gaining actionable insights on their data through the power of advanced analytics – at scale and in the cloud.

A new tabletop platform from Ziosk will use Microsoft big data and cloud technologies to predict restaurant guests’ preferences – things such as a personalized recommendation for a dish or wine pairing perhaps – and serve them up as part of a better dining experience. The company’s goal is to create personalized experiences that result in happier guests and more business for restaurants.

Working with Artis Consulting, a Microsoft data analytics partner, Ziosk is building out its next generation data infrastructure, including new predictive analytics capability. Their solution uses a range of Microsoft cloud technologies including Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, Azure HDInsight and Power BI.

“The data we’re talking about has always been there, but until now there’s been no way to capture it, analyze it, and use it to drive more business and more effective operations. We’re using Azure and Power BI to change all that.”

Kevin Mowry, Chief Software Architect

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