Free Webinar: An Overview of the New Capabilities in Azure Machine Learning

We are pleased to bring you a free webinar where we will explore the numerous new capabilities we have introduced in the recently release GA version of Azure ML. This session will be full of examples and demos. There will be time for Q&A as well. The webinar will occur tomorrow, Tuesday March 3rd, at 10AM Pacific time. It will be hosted by Hai Ning, Principal Program Manager on the Azure ML team:

As you may already know, Azure ML offers a great experience for data scientists of all skill levels and requires nothing but a browser and net connectivity.

  • You can create simple data flow graphs and ML experiments via simple drag and drop.

  • The Azure ML Studio includes best-in-class algorithms from Microsoft businesses like Xbox and Bing, R and Python packages and a gallery of sample experiments which make it easy to get started.

  • You can operationalize an ML model into web services within seconds.

Register here to attend this webinar.


ML Blog Team