Microsoft Acquires Metanautix

Reposted from The Official Microsoft Blog. We are excited to announce that Microsoft has acquired Metanautix, a company whose technology helps customers break the boundaries between various data sources and siloes, and perform analytics on all available data, no matter its type, size or location. Metanautix’s technology spans private and public clouds and avoids the… Read more

REEF Graduates to a Top-Level Apache Project

This post is authored by Markus Weimer, Principal Scientist, Beysim Sezgin, Principal Engineer, and Hiren Patel, Program Manager, all at Microsoft. Raghu Ramakrishnan, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Data, recently shared some behind-the-scenes details of Azure Data Lake. We are excited to share some important news regarding one of those systems today: In November this… Read more

General Availability of Free Excel Add-In for Azure ML

This blog post is authored by Ted Way, Program Manager in the Data Group at Microsoft Today we are announcing general availability (GA) of a free Excel add-in that you can use with web services published from Azure Machine Learning. Excel has millions of users, and this add-in lets you combine the analytical and visualization… Read more

Cortana Analytics Suite Powers Russell Reynolds Associates’ Search for the Perfect Match

This post is co-authored by Ke Huang, Data Scientist, Said Bleik, Data Scientist, and Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, all at Microsoft. Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leader in assessment, recruitment and succession planning for C-suite roles, CEOs and boards of directors has teamed up with Microsoft to develop an innovative search system that… Read more

Now Available: Speaker & Video APIs from Microsoft Project Oxford

This post is by Ryan Galgon, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Technology and Research Last month we announced new features for Microsoft Project Oxford machine learning APIs, enabling developers across different platforms to easily add intelligence to applications without having to be AI experts. Project Oxford is just one instance of a broader class of work… Read more

Azure ML Now Available as a Function in Azure Stream Analytics

This post is authored by Sudhesh Suresh, Senior PM at Microsoft. Several Azure customers have asked to combine the real time analytics capabilities in Azure Stream Analytics with the power of Azure ML in quickly building and operationalizing any machine learning model as a web service. We are very excited to announce that this feature… Read more

ServusNet Forecasts Wind Power Using Cortana Analytics Suite

This post is authored by Jaya Mathew & Hong Lu, Data Scientists at Microsoft, in collaboration with the team at ServusNet.   Governments worldwide are actively promoting the use of renewable energy because of the growing concern over climate change and carbon emissions. Among the available renewable energy sources, harnessing energy through wind turbines offers a… Read more

Cortana Analytics Gallery Logs Over 2 Million Views Since Launch

The Cortana Analytics Gallery, formerly called the Azure Machine Learning Gallery, is a community site where data scientists and developers can share the analytics solutions they’ve created using the Cortana Analytics Suite. The Gallery has end-to-end solutions, methodology examples and customized walkthroughs that make it easier and faster for you to begin the process of… Read more Succeeds with Microsoft Project Oxford Face API

Posted by Ryan Galgon, Senior Program Manager in the Technology & Research group at Microsoft. Last month we announced new features for Microsoft Project Oxford machine learning APIs, including the addition of emotion, video, spell check, speaker recognition, the Custom Recognition Intelligent Service and improvements to our existing Face APIs. With Project Oxford, developers across… Read more

The Advanced Analytics Solution Building Process

This is the second in a series of posts on business transformation through analytics and how organizations can run successful analytics pilots and build a thriving data science practice. The post is by Ilan Reiter, Principal Data Science Manager at Microsoft.  In our first post in this series we talked about the ingredients needed to… Read more