Weekend reading – 3 recent stories

Three new stories about Microsoft ML and Advanced Analytics.   1. Fueling the Oil and Gas industry with IoT The oil and gas industry’s supply chain starts in some of world’s most remote areas and serves consumers globally in all the places where the finished product gets consumed. The industry depends on complex and expensive equipment… Read more

Python Tools for Visual Studio now integrates with Azure Machine Learning

This blog post is authored by Shahrokh Mortazavi, Partner Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning team. Two languages are closely associated with Data Science today – R and Python. In Azure ML we’ve supported R for some time – and very soon we’ll add full Python support as well. This includes a… Read more

Tweet Chat with John Platt – Thu December 4th, 1pm PDT

Tweet Chat with John Platt Thu December 4th, 1 pm PDT Hosted by: @MLatMSFT Hashtag: #MLatMSFT He is one of the leading experts in Machine Learning, a multi-patented inventor and data guru. During his Ph.D. at Caltech he even managed to discover a couple of asteroids! He is a Distinguished Scientist and Deputy Managing Director… Read more

Microsoft ML featured on CIO magazine, WIRED, KDnuggets and PCWorld in the past week

Microsoft’s Machine Learning technology got a bit of press coverage in the past week – here’s a quick round up of the major stories:  1. Internet of Things Helps Asthma Patients Breathe Easily  Medical device company Aerocrine is reducing device downtime and better servicing hospitals and clinics by using new IoT services from Microsoft including… Read more

AzureML Web Service Parameters

Overview AzureML Web Service APIs are published from Experiments that are built using modules with configurable parameters. There is often a need to change the module behavior during Web Service execution. The Web Service Parameters feature enables this functionality. A common example is setting up the Reader module to read from a different source, or… Read more

Rapid Progress in Automatic Image Captioning

This blog post is authored by John Platt, Deputy Managing Director and Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research. I have been excited for many years now in the grand challenge of image understanding. There are as many definitions of image understanding as there are computer vision researchers, but if we can create a system that can… Read more

From Data to Operationalized ML in 60 Minutes!

This blog post was co-authored by Debi Mishra, Jacob Spoelstra and Dmitry Pechyony of the Information Management & Machine Learning team at Microsoft. Microsoft has a strong track record for crafting tools such as our Office apps or Visual Studio which millions of users find relatively easy to use. These apps have set the industry… Read more

Free Webinar: Operationalizing R as a Web Service

R is the most widely used language today for machine learning, but its power is sometimes limited by gaps in the technology meant to bring it to life. In this webinar, learn how you can use your existing skills in R in new ways, including deploying models as web services with a few clicks. The… Read more

Forget the pollsters: Microsoft's Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy

This is a re-post of an article from NetworkWorld. The search engine continues its track record of astonishingly accurate predictions. "Now that the dust has settled from the elections, Bing Predict has won out again with a 95% accuracy rate in calling the House, Senate, and Governor's races. It got 34 out of 35 Senate… Read more

How We Share Machine Learning Knowledge at Microsoft

We recently concluded the Fall 2014 edition of our Practice of Machine Learning Conference (PMLC). Over 1,700 Microsoft employees attended the two day event, which featured 60 talks on a broad spectrum of areas ranging from new algorithms to ML applications such as anomaly detection and fraud. Tutorials covered such topics as feature engineering, labeling,… Read more