Advancing Research in Sign Language Recognition

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An estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. But a majority of hearing individuals do not understand sign language. So communication between the hearing and the deaf can be challenging.

Now researchers are poised to make such interactions much more feasible through an easy, cost-effective and efficient prototype called the Kinect Sign Language Translator that translates sign language into spoken language – and spoken language into sign language – in real time.

Early last month, the Kinect Sign Language Working Group, a research community that includes a website for sharing data and algorithms, was established at the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS in Beijing. The community’s founding members are the CAS, Beijing Union University and Microsoft Research. This group has a very broad mission that spans machine learning, sign language, social science, and much more. We are encouraging experts from other research institutions, schools for the deaf and hard of hearing, and non-government organizations to join the Working Group.

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