Microsoft Research Grants Available for Azure, Including Machine Learning

This article is a re-post from the Microsoft Research Connections Blog.

A year ago, the Microsoft Azure for Research project began as a small effort to help external researchers and scientists (and Microsoft) understand how the cloud could accelerate research insights. The project enables researchers to take advantage of cloud computing for collaboration, computation, and data-intensive processing, and gives researchers access to events, online training, technical papers and more.

The project also features a very popular award program, which provides qualified research proposals with substantial grants of Azure storage and compute for one year. We got over 700 proposals in the past year and from all seven continents, including one from researchers in Antarctica! We granted awards to over half the submitted project proposals, facilitating research in a wide range of disciplines, including computer science, biology, environmental science, genomics, and planetary science.

The program also issues special-opportunity RFPs including one for Azure Machine Learning. Click here to learn more about our research collaboration, including how to apply for a grant.

ML Blog Team