Azure Event Hubs now commercially available

Yesterday, we announced the commercial availability of Azure Event Hubs.

In the IoT (Internet of Things) world that we live in, ever large amounts of telemetry data are being emitted by multiple distinct sources such as sensors and applications embedded into things that we use or interact with every day. Azure Event Hubs allows for the secure and reliable ingestion of such data torrents at very high sustained throughput rates. Many innovative new consumer and commercial experiences can be delivered on the basis of gathering and processing such data.

For instance, most new vehicles or industrial machinery sold these days capture a ton of such data, allowing for rich insights and actions that could be taken on the basis of a careful analysis of the data emitted.

By combining Event Hubs with the Azure Stream Analytics service which is now offered as a preview, you can have automated alerts go out when you determine that a piece of machinery is on the cusp of failure, and you could even dispatch a repair technician pro-actively, well before your customer calls your support line.

Event Hubs supports over 1 GB/second cumulative throughput and from hundreds of thousands of concurrently connected clients, and the best part is that the hard scale-out and reliability problems are entirely handled by our service.

ML Blog Team