Readers’ Choice – Our 10 Most Popular ML Blog Posts of 2014

We launched this blog in June 2014 with the intent of sharing important advances and practical knowledge accumulated by Microsoft in the field of ML. After six months of regular posts, many of them authored by world-leading ML researchers and practitioners, we are seeing tens of thousands of readers such as yourself regularly visiting our… Read more

Skype Translator Puts Machine Learning to the Test

Our previous post had a video showing Skype's automatic speech translation in action. In this post, we share an infographic from the Skype team about how they perform such automatic speech recognition and translation (including how they translates instant messages in over 40 languages).   You can register for a preview of the Skype Translator here. ML Blog… Read more

WIRED: How Skype Used AI to Build Its Amazing New Language Translator

Re-posted from an article that recently appeared on “… a new Microsoft technology that seems borrowed from the world of Star Trek” “… a Skype add-on that listens to the English words you speak into Microsoft’s internet phone-calling software and translates them into Spanish, or vice versa.” “… an amazing technology, and it’s based on… Read more

Azure Data Factory Now Integrates with Azure ML!

An update to Azure Data Factory (ADF) now integrates this service with Azure Machine Learning, allowing you to run finished Azure ML models from within ADF pipelines. Click on this link or the image below for more details on how to take advantage of this feature. You can also visit the Azure Data Factory GitHub… Read more

Machine Learning Trends from NIPS 2014

This blog post is authored by John Platt, Deputy Managing Director and Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research. I just returned from the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2014 conference, which was held this year in Montreal, Canada. NIPS is one of the two main machine learning (ML) conferences, the other being ICML. NIPS has broad… Read more

Bing brings the world’s knowledge to your Office documents

Imagine your child is writing a report about Abraham Lincoln, they just started and so far they’ve typed: “Lincoln was the 16th president of United States. He was born in…” but then realize they’ve forgotten when Honest Abe was born. Ordinarily, they would have to leave Word, open a browser window, search for “Lincoln” –… Read more

Advancing Research in Sign Language Recognition

Re-post of a recent article that ran on the  An estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. But a majority of hearing individuals do not understand sign language. So communication between the hearing and the deaf can be challenging. Now researchers are poised to make such interactions much more feasible through an easy,… Read more

Channel 9 Video on Azure Stream Analytics

In case you missed it: Channel 9 recently featured a discussion and demos of our preview release of Azure Stream Analytics. “Data Exposed” is a good place on Channel 9 to learn about Microsoft’s world of data – be it relational or non-relational, established products like SQL or brand new. The site now features some… Read more

Machine Learning – Hype or Reality? Microsoft ML Experts Weigh In

The recent Practice of Machine Learning Conference at Microsoft concluded with a lively panel discussion moderated by principal researcher Misha Bilenko on the topic of: "Are We at Peak ML, or at the Start of AI Takeover? Hype vs. Reality of Machine Learning.” Our panelists were: Greg Buehrer, Partner Development Manager, Bing Ads John Platt,… Read more

How Bing Algorithms Incorporate Content Quality to Improve the Ranking of Search Results

Re-post of an article that appeared today on The Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking Millions of users come to Bing every day to find information that matters to them. In earlier generations of search, a query such as “breast cancer symptoms” would be simply treated as three keywords to match against the web…. Read more