Machine Learning Moves the Needle on Neural Science

Data Scientists Decode Human Perceptions from Brain Signals This post is by Chirag Dhull, Product Marketing and Hang Zhang, Senior Data Science Manager, at Microsoft. Millions of people suffer from brain-related injuries and disorders every year. Being able to decode human perceptions from brain signals can benefit this population greatly. That’s what inspired Stanford University… Read more

Cleveland Clinic to Identify At-Risk Patients in ICU using Cortana Intelligence

This post is by Shaheen Gauher, PhD, and Fidan Boylu Uz, PhD, Data Scientists at Microsoft. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center providing clinical and hospital care. It’s a leader in research, education and health information and at the forefront of developing and applying new technology. Cleveland Clinic launched eHospital in April 2014… Read more

5 Industries Being Transformed by Big Data & Machine Learning in the Cloud

This post is by Herain Oberoi, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft. Just over a year ago, we announced the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite with the goal of helping customers use Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning technologies in the cloud to derive insights, predict outcomes and prescribe actions based on their data…. Read more

Predictions at the Speed of Data

This post is by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Data Group at Microsoft. Online transaction processing (OLTP) database applications have powered many enterprise user-cases in recent decades, with numerous implementations in banking, e-commerce, manufacturing and many other domains. Today, I’d like to highlight a new breed of applications that marry the latest OLTP… Read more

Azure ML, as Part of the IoT Suite, Now Available in Azure Germany

This post is authored by Ted Way, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. Azure Machine Learning, as part of the IoT Suite, is now generally available in Azure Germany. Industrial and manufacturing customers eager to ride the Industry 4.0 wave can now use IoT Suite as a part of their “smart factory.” Go to to… Read more

Riding the Big Data Tiger

This post is authored by Omid Afnan, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft. Omid’s talk, “Go Big (with Data Lake Architecture) or Go Home!” will be featured at the Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit on September 26-27 in Atlanta. I’ve had the pleasure (and pains) of working in big data for years, first… Read more

5 Cloud AI Innovations at the Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit

This post is by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Data Group at Microsoft. I’m excited to invite you to our first Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit, which kicks off next Monday, September 26th, in Atlanta. The Summit is a unique event for machine learning developers, data scientists and big data engineers,… Read more

Building Deep Neural Networks in the Cloud with Azure GPU VMs, MXNet and Microsoft R Server

This post is by Max Kaznady, Data Scientist; Richin Jain, Solution Architect; Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager; Miguel Fierro, Data Scientist and Andreas Argyriou, Data Scientist, all at Microsoft. Deep learning has been behind several recent breakthroughs in machine learning applications. In the field of computer vision, novel approaches such as deep residual learning… Read more

Recent Updates to the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine

Posted by Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Data Group. It’s been over 9 months since we first released the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM), a custom virtual machine image we published in the Azure Marketplace with a host of popular data science tools pre-installed and pre-configured. We’ve made a few updates since… Read more

Building Intelligent Applications Using the Team Data Science Process

This post is authored by Jacob Spoelstra, Data Science Director, Hang Zhang, Senior Data Scientist Manager, and Gopi Kumar, Senior Program Manager, at Microsoft. The authors are speaking at the upcoming Microsoft Data Science Summit on September 26-27 in Atlanta. As enterprise software development projects have grown in complexity and scale, the industry has adopted… Read more