Session Levels Explained for TechEd Australia 2012

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We are seeing good volume in terms of session submission to the Call for Topics site for TechEd Australia 2012 and I for one am very excited by the amount of variety we are seeing coming through.   Just remember when submitting the two main themes for TechEd this year, and you will be in a good place:

  • The Microsoft Private Cloud
  • Building Apps for Windows 8

One area that usually gets its fair share of confusion is what the session level designations mean, and I literally just found this good document from TechEd North America which sums it up nicely, so if you are working on a submission, use the following to work out what level to grade the session at.   Remember, if there is one thing that attendee’s hate, it’s going into a session expecting a certain level, and then getting something completely different, so a little due diligence here will go a long way:

Description of Session Levels

Level 400 (Advanced/Expert):

Custom Code, scripts, application solution development, architect, infrastructure designs and solutions
• Advanced coding considerations/challenges
• Design considerations/challenges
• Architecture considerations/challenges
• Troubleshooting techniques at the debug level
• Where to find additional information

Level 300 (Experienced):

Product Migration, deployment, architecture, development
• Drilling into how a Product/Technology is designed to be deployed, migrated to, etc.
while focusing on how it is actually deployed, migrated to, etc.
• Real world examples as appropriate.
• Complex coding, known issues and workarounds (sample code/examples)
• Lessons learned, both positive and negative
• Sample migration plans including sample Project Plans
• Deployment case studies
• Architecture design best practices and case studies
• Where to find additional information

Level 200 (Intermediate):

Specific Product/Technology technical drill-down
• Drilling into architecture, integration, and configuration (what makes the feature tick?)
• Supportability reviews
• Code samples
• Best practices
• High-level troubleshooting techniques
• Known limitations/issues
• Where to find additional information

Level 100 (Beginning/Introductory)


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