Windows Server “8” Hyper-V Replica UTG available now!

Hi All!

I have been playing around with one of the coolest new features in Windows Server “8” and that’s Hyper-V Replica.   With Hyper-V Replica, administrators can replicate their Hyper-V virtual machines from one Hyper-V host at a primary site to another Hyper-V host at a replica site. This feature lowers the total cost of ownership for an organization by providing a storage-agnostic and workload-agnostic solution that replicates efficiently, periodically, and asynchronously over IP-based networks across different storage subsystems and across sites.

We have just recently published the Understanding and Troubleshooting Guide for Hyper-V Replica, which is one of a series of new format guides to help with learning technical concepts, functionality and troubleshooting of this particular feature.   Look out for other guides in the series, but I found this one to be really useful and I hope you do too!

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