Fixing switch port leaks in VMM

hi everyone, it has become apparent that VMM 2008 R2 has switch port leaks when performing checkpointing operations through VMM (either through the PowerShell interface, through Visual Studio Lab Manager, through the self-service portal, or through the VMM Administrator Console) This is a known issue that we will potentially address in an upcoming QFE. For…

Supporting SUSE 11 in VMM 2008 R2 (or SP1)

if you are following Hyper-V, you know that they added support fo?r ?SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (32bit and 64bit). This is the webpage outlining this support: In order for VMM to take advantage of this new OS support in Hyper-V (and as long as you are using the supported version of Hyper-V for…

Tuning VMM for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) scenarios

hi everyone, my co-worker Vishwa just posted a great article that includes tips on how to tune Virtual Machine Manager for VDI scenarios.

Virtual Machine Manager Connector for Remote Desktop Services VDI solution released

Michael just posted a blog on the VMM Connector for RDS that was just released today. You can find the connector MSI package and the related documentation here. Just install on top of VMM 2008 R2 Administrator Console and you can take advantage of dynamic placement VDI scenarios through VMM.  

Resolving certificate name mismatches when managing a Hyper-V host in VMM

This blog post comes courtesy of Todd Logan, a colleague at Microsoft. Use the following steps to resolve a name mismatch error when viewing the remote desktop connection of a VM on a Hyper-V host through VMM (using the Virtual Machine Viewer application). The VMM server in this case is running as a virtual machine….

Issues with migrating a Virtual Machine from one cluster to another

if you have two Hyper-V failover clusters managed by VMM 2008 R2, it is possible that you can’t migrate over the network (LAN migration) a VM from one of the clusters to the other cluster. This issue will only appear if ALL of the following conditions are met. ·         VM is created using Hyper-V (i.e….

Saving and re-applying the virtual machine metadata in VMM

hi everyone, this week i am going to post a new set of PowerShell scripts that will allow you to save the Virtual Machine metadata in VMM. The saved metadata can be applied later on in the event that you add and remove the host from VMM management. A scenario where this issue comes up…

Supporting Red Hat for Hyper-V

I am sure many of you have heard of the recent support statements from Windows Hyper-V with regards to Red Hat. (see for more details). We have now posted a KB article that shows you how to enable this guest operating system in VMM. has all the details including the database script necessary to enable…

Virtual Machine Manager and Performance Metrics (CPU counters) – Part 1

Chetan from my team volunteered to write a two part blog post about how VMM gathers the performance information it shows on VM. This article describes the details around the performance metrics that VMM collects and how to make sense of perf information that is displayed in VMM.    VMM uses a periodically running performance…

VMM Administrator Console taking too much time to load (because of PRO)

If you have enabled the PRO integration with operations manager in your VMM environment, then this blog post might be for you. If your VMM Administrator Console is taking too long to load and the memory footprint of the vmmadmin.exe is too large (i.e. the vmmadmin.exe is taking up too much RAM), then it is…