Fixing switch port leaks in VMM

hi everyone, it has become apparent that VMM 2008 R2 has switch port leaks when performing checkpointing operations through VMM (either through the PowerShell interface, through Visual Studio Lab Manager, through the self-service portal, or through the VMM Administrator Console) This is a known issue that we will potentially address in an upcoming QFE. For…


Tuning VMM for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) scenarios

hi everyone, my co-worker Vishwa just posted a great article that includes tips on how to tune Virtual Machine Manager for VDI scenarios.


Removing missing VMs from the VMM Administrator Console

it has come to our attention that there are some customer complaints with regards to missing virtual machines in the administrator console after a cluster failover. Since it is not easy to remove those VMs from the VMM administrator console, Gokcen from our team wrote a script that will allow you to clean those VMs…


Virtual Machine Manager and Performance Metrics (CPU counters) – Part 1

Chetan from my team volunteered to write a two part blog post about how VMM gathers the performance information it shows on VM. This article describes the details around the performance metrics that VMM collects and how to make sense of perf information that is displayed in VMM.    VMM uses a periodically running performance…


VMM Administrator Console taking too much time to load (because of PRO)

If you have enabled the PRO integration with operations manager in your VMM environment, then this blog post might be for you. If your VMM Administrator Console is taking too long to load and the memory footprint of the vmmadmin.exe is too large (i.e. the vmmadmin.exe is taking up too much RAM), then it is…


Issues with adding a host to VMM when the computer has more than 16 processors

It has come to our attention that trying to add a computer with more than 16 processors (for example a quad six-core machine with 24 processors) is crashing the VMM server with the following exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value.    at System.Nullable`1.get_Value()    at Microsoft.VirtualManager.Engine.Adhc.WindowsHostDataProperties.GetProcessorData()    at Microsoft.VirtualManager.Engine.Adhc.WindowsHostDataProperties.PopulateProperties()  From a Hyper-V perspective we…


How to enable server-optimized garbage collector for VMM

If your VMM implementation has over 150 hosts, we strongly recommended that you enable server-optimized garbage collector (GC) on the VMM server instead of the default workstation garbage collector. This can significantly reduce the CPU utilization on the VMM server and improve your performance for parallel VMM operations. To accomplish this, simply create a new…