VMM Administrator Console taking too much time to load (because of PRO)

If you have enabled the PRO integration with operations manager in your VMM environment, then this blog post might be for you. If your VMM Administrator Console is taking too long to load and the memory footprint of the vmmadmin.exe is too large (i.e. the vmmadmin.exe is taking up too much RAM), then it is…


Configuring SCVMM 2008’s PRO Feature with Ops Manager

hey all,   Alan Goodman from the VMM Program Management team posted a very informative blog on the PRO feature of VMM.You can read it from http://blogs.technet.com/rakeshm/archive/2008/08/22/configuring-scvmm-2008-s-pro-feature-with-ops-manager.aspx


How to configure the integration between VMM and OpsMgr Part II

I know that some folks continue to have trouble getting the integration between VMM and OpsMgr to work. If you are getting this error, this post is for you. “VMM service does not have the necessary privileges to access the Operations Manager SDK service on <servername>…………ID: 11804”  First, i would ask that you follow the…


How to enable PRO with VMM

Last week I mentioned I was going to talk about how to enable PRO with VMM. PRO stands for Physical Resource Optimization. If you followed my steps from last week, your Operations Manager and VMM servers are configured to work together to provide monitoring and alerting within your virtualized environment.  This also means that your…


How to configure the integration between VMM and OpsMgr

VMM teams up with OpsMgr to provide a comprehensive end-to-end services management through monitoring the health and performance of workloads all the way down to the application level.  VMM and PRO (a feature of VMM that allows you to extend the services management and augment the available knowledge in the MPs to make recommendations or take…