Fixing switch port leaks in VMM

hi everyone, it has become apparent that VMM 2008 R2 has switch port leaks when performing checkpointing operations through VMM (either through the PowerShell interface, through Visual Studio Lab Manager, through the self-service portal, or through the VMM Administrator Console) This is a known issue that we will potentially address in an upcoming QFE. For…

Resolving certificate name mismatches when managing a Hyper-V host in VMM

This blog post comes courtesy of Todd Logan, a colleague at Microsoft. Use the following steps to resolve a name mismatch error when viewing the remote desktop connection of a VM on a Hyper-V host through VMM (using the Virtual Machine Viewer application). The VMM server in this case is running as a virtual machine….

Getting an error when trying to connect to a VM using the Virtual Machine Connection tool

If you are trying to connect to a Virtual Machine using VMConnect.exe (a Hyper-V tool), you might get an error that says “An error occured when trying to register for IME events for …..” and it indicates that an Access Denied has occured. If this happens, it is possible that the cause is DCOM configuration….

Highly Available Virtual Networks and VMM

We had a few customers ask us to clarify high availability (HA) with regards to Virtual Networks (VN). In the VMM/Clustering case, there are a few considerations around virtual networks: A VN to be considered HA has to have the same exact name in all nodes of the cluster (Virtual Network names are case-sensitive), the…