Issues with migrating a Virtual Machine from one cluster to another

if you have two Hyper-V failover clusters managed by VMM 2008 R2, it is possible that you can’t migrate over the network (LAN migration) a VM from one of the clusters to the other cluster. This issue will only appear if ALL of the following conditions are met. ·         VM is created using Hyper-V (i.e….

Issues when trying to add a single-node cluster under management in VMM

A few folks have been experiencing errors and long delays in adding a single-node (i.e. a 1 node cluster) cluster under management in Virtual Machine Manager. This issue stems from the fact that VMM has an overcommitted property for each cluster. By default, a single-node cluster will always be overcommitted since any failure in that…

Running the Virtual Machine Manager server component inside a Virtual Machine

Running VMM inside a Virtual Machine is a fully supported way of running VMM. Our team tests this scenario and we have some customers deploying VMM in such an enviroment. If you would like to deploy VMM in such an environment, it is recommended to place the SQL server in a separate server, especially if your…