How to upgrade between the different SKUs of VMM 2008

Now that VMM 2008 has RTM'ed, a lot of folks are asking what are the upgrade paths between the various SKUs of VMM. I wanted to list two upgrade paths here and the associated process around this.

Upgrade Paths supported by this method when the build number of VMM is the same:

  1. VMM 2008 Evaluation Edition --> VMM 2008 Retail Edition

  2. VMM 2008 Workgroup Edition --> VMM 2008 Retail Edition

Steps to follow:

1. Install VMM RTM Server EVAL or WORKGROUP
2. Uninstall VMM RTM Server EVAL/WORKGROUP with Retain Data
3. Install the VMM Full Version (Select or Retail SKU) while using the Retained data from the step above.
4. After installation, connect using the Administrator Console
5. Wait for the Library Refresher to run or right-click on the library server and select Refresh
6. Go to Managed Computers View and right-click on all the hosts/library servers. Execute the Reassociate action for servers that are in the “Access Denied” state. Hosts and Library Servers should be usable again at this step.


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