Opening the VMM Administrator Console results in error 1604

After installation, if you try to open the VMM administrator console and you get the error below, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

You cannot access Virtual Machine Manager server <servername>. Contact the Virtual Machine Manager administrator to verify that your account is a member of a valid user role and then try the operation again.

-First, you need to ensure that you open the Administrator Console using the same account that you used to install the VMM server component. This is a requirement for VMM beta. Once you open up the console, you can go to the Administration tab and select User Roles. From there, you can add more users as VMM administrators which can open the Console.

-If you are trying to open up the console under the same user account that installed VMM, it is possible you are hitting a VMM beta only bug that was fixed for RTM. This bug has a workaround. Simply execute the following SQL statement on the database that houses the VMM DB and try to start the Administrator Console again.

There are risks with setting the trustworthy flag on, however, this is the only workaround for beta. Make sure you turn this flag off if you decide to keep the same DB when you upgrade your VMM installation to RTM.

Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Gurus

    Not sure how to solve this problem.

    I get this error when I implement the PRO tip.

    You cannot contact the Virtual Machine Manager server. The credentials provided have insufficient privileges on "ServerNAME". (Error ID: 1605) Ensure that your account has access to the Virtual Machine Manager server "ServerNAME", and then try the operation again.

    I can run the standalone PS script from the HOST and access the VMM server remotely.

    Also I can open Admin console and connect to VMM server remotely.

    Not sure why the same not working when I try to do with the PRO tip implementation.

    Any Help!!!


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