Compare the features in Office 365 across services

Office 365 service comparison Over the years I've blogged about how to compare the features in Office 365 across services. By coincidence I came across a brilliant page on TechNet, where you can filter and compare the features of Office 365 plans, Office 365 services, and on-premises products. Visit the Office 365 Service Descriptions in the…


The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook now available as a Preview feature

We're excited to offer the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook as a Preview feature for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1! Combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the flexibility and convenience of Outlook and Office 365 with the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook! With the CRM App for Outlook,…


Its here – Office 365 Groups in CRM Online

Office 365 Groups are a shared workspace for email, conversations, files, and events where group members can collectively get stuff done. Below you see an Office 365 Group created and opened in Outlook Fig. 1: Office 365 Group You can use Office 365 Groups to collaborate with people across your company – even if they…


New Office Delve People Experiences in Office 365

A company’s most important assets are its people—YOU. The knowledge and experience of you and your colleagues collectively brings great value to your company. And as you communicate and work out loud together within Office 365, the value of your work can be surfaced and discovered by others in Delve. Today, we are announcing enhancements…


Tracking Set Free – New CRM App for Outlook Coming

Update August 2016 The Preview program for Dynamics CRM App for Outlook has ended. Please see this article for more: Update July 2015 The App is now in Preview. Please see “The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook now available as a Preview feature” – link ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***  …


Want more control over Sent Items when using shared mailboxes?

Whether a mailbox is used by multiple users as a collaborative tool or a communication gateway to customers, retaining a record of emails sent from a shared mailbox remains an important business requirement. In Exchange 2010, there was a way to configure this behavior, but we did not have this feature starting with Exchange 2013….


From Inside Our Cloud

Want to know how we secure your data and privacy? Please take a look inside our cloud via these four short videos (links below) Is your Data Safe at Rest?When your data is in the Microsoft data centers or within Office 365 services can you trust that it is safe at rest?Lead Office 365 engineer…


Delve – it lets information find you

If you are like me, your days at work are packed: several hours of scheduled meetings, lots of emails waiting to be read and responded to, and usually a lot of folks who need to talk about urgent issues. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sound familiar? Our new service Delve (part of…


Optimizing Network Connectivity Tips

My collegue Paul Collinge has performed numerous Office 365 Network assessments and reactive visits to resolve issues for customers and to him its apparent that the vast majority of issues are seen time and time again. Hence he has compiled his top 10 tips for you to optimize your O365 network performance and prevent issues from…


Office 365 and CRM Online is better together

At the recent SharePoint Conference Jason Bullock of Microsoft held a fine session about how Office 365 and CRM Online is better together (including a 30 min demo). You'll see how SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Lync Online, Project Online, Visio Online, Skype and Yammer works with CRM Online to give you the best productivity experience on the…