Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.1 is now available

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.1 is now available. Update 1.1 introduces the following features: Server time zone is now automatic: The server time zone setting has been removed from the Site Settings page. All times are now stored using coordinated universal time (UTC) and will automatically be converted to local time zones for display…


Digital Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing affected by Silverlight deprecation

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing uses Silverlight to deliver digital asset management capabilities, such as uploading, marking up, or annotating files. However, support for Silverlight is going away in some browsers.  Support for Silverlight has been discontinued in the Microsoft Edge browser. Support for Silverlight was also disabled by default in Chrome (with the option to override)….


Free eBooks explaining how Dynamics Marketing can help

Here is three new free ebooks for you. The goal of these ebooks is to explain how Microsoft Dynamics provides the solutions to implement best practices around demand waterfall, lead nurturing program, and measuring results We created these ebooks in colloboration with SiriusDecisions. SiriusDecisions is a recognized leader for marketing and sales best practices related…


Get your brand new "Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Trial Guide"

So you heard Microsoft acquired Marketing Pilot, and rebranded the service Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Now you'd like to test out the service in a free 30 day trial, with an easy-to-follow companion guide that will take you quickly through the basics to get you started. Look no further – here is the brand new "Microsoft Dynamics…


Understanding How Interactions are Tracked in Dynamics Marketing

The behavior-tracking features of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) enable the system to analyze how contacts interact with your emails, websites, events, and campaigns. So How are Interactions Tracked? In MDM we use the following technologies to collect behavior data: Email graphic (invisible GIF)We automatically embed an invisible GIF into all marketing emails. The GIF itself is hosted…


Important: Dynamics CRM Azure Service Bus Issuer Certificate Expires on March 8th

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM) can synch Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and more between them, thanks to the "Dynamics Marketing Connector for Dynamics CRM" – read more here. If you run CRM Online and you've done this integration already please be aware of the fact that the Dynamics CRM Azure Service Bus Issuer Certificate Expires…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring Readiness Blitz

You are invited to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring Readiness Blitz! Register for Spring Blitz: March 5th 2015 Social listening! Customer care! Marketing! It’s all coming in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring release. Please join us as we overview the upcoming releases and show how you and your customers can help create amazing customer experiences with Microsoft…


List of current exams and e-learning courses

Here is a list of current exams and e-learning courses to prepare for those exams. The first listing (MB2-720) is Dynamics Marketing, the rest is Dynamics CRM 2015. Please note, accessing the e-learning courses requires access to Dynamics Learning Portal, DLP ( Exam # Exam name E-learning courses MB2-720 Applications in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 80635: Functional…


Get your free Dynamics Marketing Partner Readiness Guide

Get your Dynamics Marketing Partner Readiness Guide here: The guide is a compilation of current Dynamics Marketing training options for Microsoft Dynamics Partners (with access to Dynamics Learning Portal and Partner Source) as well as publicly available information on Dynamics Marketing. Topics include Train and Certify Instructor Led Training Center your attention Get the…


Tracking Web Visitors in Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is able to track website visits by prospects, customers, and all types of internet users. The feature works by generating a tracking script for each website you wish to track. You must then add the script to each page that you want to track on the associated site; you might do this…