Mobile Deep Linking

In this mobile world where more and more users prefer to work solely on mobile devices its desirable to be able to send links to each other that opens directly in the mobile client (not the web client) In CRM 2016 you can use the new application handler for CRM mobile clients to directly link…


Enhanced offline support in CRM for Tablets

With the CRM for Tablets application – released in CRM 2013 – we gave sales people compelling and powerful mobility scenarios. Sales people can get their work done from the device and location of their choice. Data is cached in an Offline Cache (HTML 5 local storage) allowing salespeople to access (read only) previously viewed…


Understanding CRM for tablets offline scenario

CRM for tablets is a great app for working with you CRM data on your tablet. You can download CRM for tablets from Microsoft or Apple store. Read more here. Most of us do have access to the internet most of the time, be it on our own network, on a guest network, using our…


CRM for Tablets with CRM On-Premises – IFD On and IWA Off

As stated in the Known Issues list, Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) is required if you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (on-premises version) with your CRM for Tablets app. IFDYour system administrator must configure claims-based authentication before your users can access their Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with their CRM for tablets app. If you have…


Pinning Contacts in CRM for Tablets

CRM for Tablets is free for all licensed CRM 2013 users. Its available for Windows 8 tablets and iPads. Once of the nice things you can do in CRM for Tablets to save you time and clicks is pinning records to the very left area of the Sales Dashboard (the “Pinned Tiles” area). In the screen…


CRM 2013: Using Multiple Business Rules

In my previous post I built a Business Rule to do simple calculations. For the sake of simplicity I purposedly left out the simple housekeeping that most people will want to do i situations like the one I used in the example. In this post I’ll show you how the logic in the above example can be extended a bit,…


CRM 2013: Understanding Portable Business Logic

In CRM 2013  you can do client side scripting without knowing anything about JavaScript! We are introducing a simple declarative interface to help you implement and maintain your fast changing, commonly used business rules. The rules will be applied to Main and Quick Create forms for the web application, Outlook and CRM for Tablets.Thats why we call them Portable….


Just Released: CRM for Tablets now available in the Windows Store

We just released Dynamics CRM for Tablets to the Windows Store. Dynamics CRM is the essential business tool to help you stay connected and productive wherever you are. Stay up to date with your customer info—even when you’re on the go. Arrive prepared for every appointment, and update your notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, leads, and…