Would you risk losing important elements of documents shared in the cloud?

More and more people are looking at sharing or storing Word documents in the cloud, be it the Microsoft cloud or other vendors cloud, e.g. Google Documents. Of course it is important that an existing Word documents from a users desktop look identical when the user share it in the cloud. To test this out we…

Is Office 365 more expensive than Google Apps?

If you think the answer to the question “Is Office 365 more expensive than Google Apps” is “Yes” (and many people do), you might want to read this white paper. You’ll find that many of the elements included in the Office 365 service (e.g AV/AS) is extras in Google Apps:


Office 365 – comparing P and E plans

If you are looking for a comparison between the P1 plan and the E plans in Office 365 you might find this table of notes helpful. Please note that the table is without responsibility. It is compiled by myself and might not be accurate at the time you read it (things change). It should only be…