Is Office 365 more expensive than Google Apps?

If you think the answer to the question “Is Office 365 more expensive than Google Apps” is “Yes” (and many people do), you might want to read this white paper. You’ll find that many of the elements included in the Office 365 service (e.g AV/AS) is extras in Google Apps:


Getting started as an Office 365 partner?

Getting started as an Office 365 partner is easy – especially if you know where to find the right information. I’ve compiled the resources I find relevant in an easy read document intended to help MPN partners get started with Office 365. Most of the links are labeled with a (T) for technicians and an…


How to back-up a Office 365 SharePoint Online site and data

If you are considering moving you data and documents to Office 365, you might wonder how you can perform the reverse operation – move data from Microsoft Online Services to file shares or to a local computer (called off-boarding). In this version of Microsoft Online Services, this is a manual process using the “Connect &…


How to map an Office 365 Document Library in Windows Explorer

Fair Warning Since the launch of the New Office 365 early 2013, this 2011 blog post has become outdated. SkyDrive Pro is now the way to sync files from SharePoint Online to your Windows 7 or 8 desktop. Read more here. //Jesper Osgaard, July 2014 ********************* I often get asked if its possible to map a…


Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365 – new whitepaper

Are you evaluating how Office 365 fits into your overall communication and collaboration strategy plan, both today and into the future? Specific to SharePoint, are you planning for full cloud adoption within your firewall, or will you begin your move to the cloud with a mixed deployment across SharePoint environments – both on-premises and online…


How to do a structured evaluation of Office 365

To enable you to do a structured evaluation of a Office 365 30 day Trial in your organisation, we’ve published a couple of Trial Guides for you to download. One for Midsize and Enterprises (the E plan) and one for Professionals and Small Businesses (the P plan). The guides are intended for administrators and technical decision…


Office 365 – comparing P and E plans

If you are looking for a comparison between the P1 plan and the E plans in Office 365 you might find this table of notes helpful. Please note that the table is without responsibility. It is compiled by myself and might not be accurate at the time you read it (things change). It should only be…


Office 365 passer på dine mails

Er du kommet til at slette en mail og ydermere kommet til at tømme papirkurven (“Deleted Items”)?  Fortvivl ikke – i Exchange Online kan du selv gendanne en ‘slettede slettede’ mails. En slettet mail vil blive gemt i din ”Deleted Items” mappe indtil den manuelt fjernes af dig (en såkaldt soft delete), eller bliver fjernet automatisk ifølge dit…


Office 365 – nem extranet lignende funktionalitet

Mange har fået øjnene op for hvor nemt og billigt det er at arbejde sammen med eksterne samarbejdspartnere ved hjælp af SharePoint Onlines extranet lignende funktionalitet. Du kan dele en eller flere site collections (og dermed dokument biblioteker og dokumenter) med folk udenfor din egen organisation – og dermed slippe for at sende dokumenter og…


Office 365 på din smartphone

Office 365 giver den bedste produktivitet i Skyen på tværs af din PC, smartphone og browser. Office 365 er designet med nutidens mobile brugere for øje, og det at være produktiv er nu om dage ensbetydende med at kunne arbejde når du på farten, også når du er uden din PC. For dig der er…