Notice: “Microsoft Lystavlen” is moving

The “Microsoft Lystavlen” blog has been around for almost 8 years, with the some of the first articles providing tips and tricks for BPOS and Office 365 – and later on with more focus on CRM and Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement! The blog isn’t going away, but it will be moving to a new…


How to build a segment off of a static marketing list

Segments is the starting point of customer journeys in Dynamics 365 for Marketing. The segment builder is a very powerful tool to build even the most complex dynamic segments. However, I often get asked how to build the most simple segment – a segment built off of a static marketing list. This will enable scenarios…


Comparison: Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions

Until 2018 customers in need of marketing automation with their Dynamics 365 had to opt for third-party solutions, like ClickDimensions. Now many Dynamics 365 customers are looking at Dynamics 365 for Marketing to turn prospects into business relationships, for reasons like cloud architecture, intelligence, performance, vendor strategy and more. The features in Dynamics 365 for…


Email Reaction Time in Dynamics 365 for Marketing – First Look

If you (like I) opted in for the Early Access to the April Release you can already now take a peak into some of the upcoming features, eg “email reaction time” – a new feature to display how quickly a contact reacts to messages arriving at different times. Simply navigate to a contact who recieved…


Social Posting from Dynamics 365 for Marketing – First Look

Social posting With the upcoming April 2019 release of Dynamics 365 for Marketing you can create social content for multiple channels and schedule social posts to hit the web in sync with your overall campaign. This lets you synchronize audience communication across channels using a single platform. Social posting is enabled by a new outbound…


How to Spot Negative Comments in NPS Surveys

Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer (VoC) lets you create and send out surveys, so that you can get valuable feedback about your products or services. Using the Net Promotor Score (NPS) question type in VoC you can capture a respondents satisfaction based on the likelihood that he or she will recommend the product or…


The Brand New Org Chart in Dynamics 365

The brand new Org Chart in Dynamics 365 lets you maintain external organization charts for your accounts. You can build a hierarchy for existing accounts or use it as a starting point for adding contacts to a new account. The org chart leverages a hierarchical relationship between an accounts contacts (you will need to set…


How to Build a Segment of Repeat Website Visitors in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a rich app to support your marketing automation purposes. You can build customer journeys, segments, emails, landing pages, events and more. See these blog posts for more. Dynamics 365 can also collect information about how your website(s) is used by its individual visitors. To enable the feature, Dynamics 365 generates…


Be Prepared with the New Playbooks in Dynamics 365 for Sales

Playbooks Dynamics 365 for Sales is introducing Playbooks, a new capability to help you automate repeatable sales activities and respond to external events. In the age of the customer, buyers have the upper hand in the relationship with sellers. With nearly limitless access to information, they can dictate their own customer journeys, rather than follow…


Make the most of the new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Everybody loves Outlook. Most of our daily communication and planning takes place in Outlook. Some argue that Outlook is the first thing you open when the day begins, and the last thing you close when the day ends. Many of us also work with business relations (customers, prospects, contacts, accounts, etc) on a daily basis….