The Brand New Org Chart in Dynamics 365

The brand new Org Chart in Dynamics 365 lets you maintain external organization charts for your accounts. You can build a hierarchy for existing accounts or use it as a starting point for adding contacts to a new account. The org chart leverages a hierarchical relationship between an accounts contacts (you will need to set…


How to Build a Segment of Repeat Website Visitors in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a rich app to support your marketing automation purposes. You can build customer journeys, segments, emails, landing pages, events and more. See these blog posts for more. Dynamics 365 can also collect information about how your website(s) is used by its individual visitors. To enable the feature, Dynamics 365 generates…


Be Prepared with the New Playbooks in Dynamics 365 for Sales

Playbooks Dynamics 365 for Sales is introducing Playbooks, a new capability to help you automate repeatable sales activities and respond to external events. In the age of the customer, buyers have the upper hand in the relationship with sellers. With nearly limitless access to information, they can dictate their own customer journeys, rather than follow…


Make the most of the new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Everybody loves Outlook. Most of our daily communication and planning takes place in Outlook. Some argue that Outlook is the first thing you open when the day begins, and the last thing you close when the day ends. Many of us also work with business relations (customers, prospects, contacts, accounts, etc) on a daily basis….


Avoid Messaging Overload with the New Marketing Calendar

As you create and go live with more and more customer journeys in Dynamics 365 for Marketing the risc of recipients being overloaded with messages increases. To help you spot and avoid overloaded time frames we’ve added a new marketing calendar to Dynamics 365 for Marketing. To see all your customer journeys in a calender…


Reusable Content Blocks – First Look

Dynamics 365 for Marketing delivers comprehensive capabilities for creating and running multi-channel campaigns to generate leads for your sales team using simple drag-and-drop design tools. In the upcoming October ’18 release, one of the new capabilities is Reusable Content Blocks. With Reusable Content Blocks in Dynamics 365 for Marketing you can define and store reusable…


How to Add Users to a Dynamics 365 for Marketing Trial

A lot of customers are evaluating Dynamics 365 for Marketing in our free trial offering. The free trial of Dynamics 365 for Marketing trial is set up with one user (the admin). To add more users to the trial please follow along in the below walk-through. As an admin of my trial I navigate to…


Leverage the power of LinkedIn in Dynamics 365

  So you have Dynamics 365 and a LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LISN) license. Now you’d like to leverage the power of LISN in your Dynamics 365 – eg see all common connections between you and a new lead right there upon the lead creation, in order to allow for warm introductions. We’ve published a new…


Get Certified in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

If you plan to implement, use, maintain, or support Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing in your own or your customers’ organizations you might want to look at being certified in Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Look no further; Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Exam MB2-719 is here. Skills being measured Set up and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365…


How to Add Waitlists to Events in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Its easy to set compelling events up in Dynamics 365 for Marketing and facilitate registration on the included portal. Attractive events will often receive more registrations than the capacity allows. However, it often the case that some registrants won’t attend after all – for reasons of their own. To allow for late registrants to attend…