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  1. Evan Watson says:

    I was unable to recreate this scenario in your blog. I received an error that OneDrive for Business is not enabled and I was using a tenant from I had not logged into OneDrive yet which was my issue. Below is the solution I found on TechNet

    •Before using OneDrive for Business in Dynamics 365, the Dynamics 365 administrator and end users should access OneDrive for Business through the web interface. For example, if you’re using SharePoint Online, go to > app launcherOffice 365 app launcher button > OneDrive. The site and other information required by Dynamics 365 to enable OneDrive for Business integration gets created only when the site is accessed.

  2. samy says:

    Hi Jesper,
    Nice post. Everything works fine. Is there a way to build a CRM dashboard and retrieve all emails interactions in charts ? Is it also available with PowerBI ?
    Thank you

    1. Micah Clifford says:

      Would love to know how to track what recipients opened the emails? I tried playing around with the report templates and found “open count” but couldn’t build a report that shows a list of all recipients that opened the email.

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