If you are eligible for Microsoft Social Listening but don't see it in your CRM

Microsoft Social Listening (MSL) is a powerful new service that your organization can use to monitor social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use Microsoft Social Listening to track products, brands, competitors, and campaigns globally and in real time to gain a true understanding of your customers and your business across the social web.

Dynamics CRM Online customers with 10 or more Pro USLs are eligible to Social Listening licenses for those Pro users.

If you'd like to see the MSL information in your CRM, you will need to configure your CRM to use MSL. Just navigate to Settings -> Administration and click Microsoft Social Listening Configuration (3) to open the Microsoft Social Listening Configuration dialog

In the Microsoft Social Listening Configuration dialog click to dropdown (1) and select your MSL subscription

If you do not see a subscription in the dropdown, it might be because you haven't assigned a Social Listening license to any user in your organization. Then you need to assign one or more users in your organization a Social Listening license and we will set up your solution

In other words - you need to toggle the eligibility criteria check box under licenses for a least one user

Steps in O365

  1. Login as O365 Administrator
  2. Go to Active Users

  3. Select a user to assign a license to
  4. Click the Edit link
  5. Toggle the eligibility check box
  6. Save the changes for the user
  7. Wait until Social Listening is provisioned and then access the Microsoft Social Listening Configuration dialog again. You should now see your MSL subscription listed in the dropdown

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Comments (4)

  1. David Finley says:

    Is there an MSDN or other developer license availalbe?

  2. Chithra says:


    I have the MSE licence provisioned. I am getting the below error while adding the MSE license to an user.

    You can’t assign licenses that contain these conflicting services: Microsoft Social Engagement Professional – Eligibility Criteria apply, Microsoft Social Engagement Enterprise. Review the services included with each license, and try again.

    Please can you help.

  3. Office 365 Admin – Active Users – (user) – Licenses – Expand "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional" – Clear checkbox "Microsoft Social Engagement Professional – Eligibility Criteria apply" – then assign the desired MSE license

    1. Filip says:


      I made your suggestion, but the problem still appear. Please can you help?


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