"Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013" – New eLearning Course

Want to learn about the new CRM 2013? Now is your chance.

This 4 module 1.5 hour self-paced e-learning course will take you through all the features and even let you practice some of them.

Take the course here. You will need credentials for Microsoft Learning to access this free course.

Module 1

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Functionality
  • Deployment and Clients
  • Relationships and Records
  • Security
  • Navigation
  • Practice 1.1: Navigate CRM

Module 2

  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Practice 2.1: Create an Account
  • Activivities, Notes and Attachments
  • Practice 2.2: Create an Activity
  • Yammer and Social Integration
  • Practice 2.3: Work with a View
  • Data Import

Module 3

  • Processes
  • Sales Scenario
  • Practice 3.1: Create an opportunity
  • Service Scenario
  • Practice 3.2: Process a Case
  • Marketing Scenario
  • Practice 3.3: Create a Marketing List

Module 4

  • Quick Find and Filtering
  • Advanced Find and Saved Views
  • Practice 4.1: Create a Saved View
  • Data Export
  • Report
  • Charts and Goals
  • Practice 4.2: Create a Chart
  • Dashboards
  • Practice 4.3: Create a Dashboard

Access the course here.

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Comments (6)

  1. Naveen Kumar Vijayakumar says:

    For some reasons the course is not showing up. I am getting an error stating "Your subscription to this content item has expired or is no longer valid."

    I see that this course is free, but couldn't access it.  

  2. Riaan says:

    Same here. Its not on the Microsoft elearning site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support provides flexible, industry-leading support, services, and resources

  4. Mono says:

    To bad this is broken 🙁

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