Ready-to-Use Business Process Flows

To help you ensure that you follow consistent steps every time you work with customers CRM 2013 includes several ready-to-use business processes for common sales, service, and marketing scenarios Contact to orderTarget sales by using a consistent method to interact with customers Email sales campaign Email prospects, create and qualify leads, develop opportunities, and then close…


New and updated topics to the CRM 2013 Implementation Guide

New and updated topics to the CRM 2013 Implementation Guide Create and edit business rulesAdded two items to the list of Limitations for business rules about how business rules are cached for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets and how lookup values are set. Create and edit processesAdded the “Are processes active when they are imported?”…


CRM 2013: Custom Tool Tips

In CRM 2011, tool tips are minimal and typically repeat the display name attribute of the field. These type of tool tips are useful for unlabeled UI, however most form fields have labels assigned to them and users need more information when entering or selecting data. Explanatory tooltips provide helpful text to address known user…


CRM 2013: Using Multiple Business Rules

In my previous post I built a Business Rule to do simple calculations. For the sake of simplicity I purposedly left out the simple housekeeping that most people will want to do i situations like the one I used in the example. In this post I’ll show you how the logic in the above example can be extended a bit,…


CRM 2013: Understanding Portable Business Logic

In CRM 2013  you can do client side scripting without knowing anything about JavaScript! We are introducing a simple declarative interface to help you implement and maintain your fast changing, commonly used business rules. The rules will be applied to Main and Quick Create forms for the web application, Outlook and CRM for Tablets.Thats why we call them Portable….


Just Released: CRM for Tablets now available in the Windows Store

We just released Dynamics CRM for Tablets to the Windows Store. Dynamics CRM is the essential business tool to help you stay connected and productive wherever you are. Stay up to date with your customer info—even when you’re on the go. Arrive prepared for every appointment, and update your notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, leads, and…


CRM 2013: Understanding Multi-Entity Search

One of the great features available in the upcoming CRM for Tablets is the ability to execute a Quick Find query across multiple entities at once.  Quick Find is a core feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that has been available since version 1 of CRM.  In the web application and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Office…


Demos: using the Legacy Feature check and Custom Code Validation Tools for Upgrade to CRM 2013

The India Dynamics CRM Team Blog has published a blog post with two useful video walk-throughs on how to use two of the most important tools for customers about to upgrade to CRM 2013: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool – designed to scan client side scripts (onLoad, onChange, onSave events) to detect…