New videos on MarketingPilot

MarketingPilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an end to end solution. The combination of these two tools offers businesses a complete integrated marketing management (IMM) solution that provides insight into ROMI and campaign performance like never before.

Watch these six new videos on YouTube for more:

  • Introduction to MarketingPilot – link
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MarketingPilot – link 
  • Marketing Spend Management & Budgeting w/ MarketingPilot – link 
  • Content Marketing with MarketingPilot – link 
  • Marketing Job Management with Marketing Pilot – link
  • Media Planning & Buying with Marketing Pilot – link 
Comments (2)

  1. Links updated in article. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jesper.

    Your link for the last 5 video is not working anymore! (only first one)

    Microsoft Dynamics moved them to there own youtube channel.

    Else you can find them all here (Danish site):

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