CRM 2013 – Multi-Entity Search

(Note from the author: the below post was written when CRM 2013 hadnt launched yet, hence scarce on details. You might want to jump directly to a detailed post written post launch - "CRM 2013: Understanding Multi-Entity Search")


One of the great features expected in the upcoming CRM 2013 for tablets is the ability to execute a Search query across multiple entities at once. 

When you perform a Multi-Entity Search, the results of the query are

  • grouped by entity
  • sorted by the order specified in the Quick Find View for the entity

 Fig 1: Search results from entities Accounts, Contacts and Activities


The feature uses the underlying Quick Find feature to submit multiple Quick Find queries that are processed in parallel. 


  • The feature is expected to work on CRM 2013 for tablets (Win 8 and iPad) - not in the web client, nor the CRM for Outlook client in this release
  • The feature is expected to search 10 entities at the most

See also

  • CRM 2013: Understanding Multi-Entity Search (added Oct. 7th 2013) - link



"Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013" is a pre-release product under development. The information in this blog post represents my personal understanding and expectations as of the date of this blog post. All pre-release product release dates and features specified are preliminary based on current expectations, and are subject to change without notice.

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  1. PRiis says:

    Great new feature! Would be even better if it became available in web client and CRM for Outlook.

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