How to Get your Office for Mac 2011 if you havent been upgraded yet

In the new Office 365, Mac users can download Office for Mac 2011.

So what to do if you want your Office for Mac now, and your tenant hasn't yet been upgraded to the new Office 365 experience?

If your are an existing Office 365 E-plan customer, and your tenant hasn't yet been upgraded to the new Office 365 experience, your tenant is in what we call Pre-Upgrade. Pre-upgrade Office 365 tenants will not expose links to end users for Office for Mac 2011.

However, if you want to use Office for Mac 2011 with Office 365 activation, you can download the DMG installation package from this link. That will download an English-US version of Office for Mac 2011 SP3 which will activate against an Office 365 tenant Pre- or Post-Upgrade for users with rights to Office Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus desktop apps.

These will also count against the five installations per user and the interface to manage deactivation of Office apps will be available to users once pre-upgrade tenants have been upgraded.


See also

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Comments (3)
  1. john michael says:

    Thanks for this link! After downloading the Office for Mac 2011 installer program it worked!

  2. Scott Nelson says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m currently struggling with support to get a legit .dmg file (the one you download from the Office site now is corrupt or incomplete).

  3. Scott Nelson says:

    *sigh* I spoke too soon. When I saw that this was actually 1.01 GB, I thought it was a good image, but sadly, it isn’t. The .dmg is "not recognized" – same issue when I download from, but that download is only 966 MB

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