Preparing for the Next SharePoint Online Service Update

Microsoft is preparing to roll out the new SharePoint Online as a part of Office 365. As a result of this initial phase of the SharePoint Online service update, you may be affected by some of the design changes. Below is a consolidated list of items with pointers to documented fixes and posted workarounds:

  • Install SharePoint Designer 2013 (free download here). Previous versions of SharePoint Designer are not compatible with the new SharePoint Online.
  • Apply the Hotfix for SharePoint Designer 2013 to work properly with InfoPath 2010 – start here.
  • Apply the Hotfix for SharePoint Workspace 2010 to work properly with the new SharePoint Online - start here.

In addition to the above items, there are several known issues previously posted. Read more here

Important for CRM Online customers

Some CRM Online customers are also impacted within this phase of the SharePoint Online service update. Please review the in-depth blog post that articulates the recommended “list component” fix here.

Comments (2)

  1. Nathan Andersen says:

    Hi Jesper, I have a question – when you say "next SharePoint Online Service Update" – how can I tell exactly what update you are referring to?  I ask because, as a SharePoint admin, I've received a notification as of Feb 23 regarding a SharePoint Online service update, but I don't know if your post and this email could be referring to the same update.  Any pointers on how to know precisely what update is being discussed, and what will be included in the update, will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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