Should you go for Enhanced Support?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support provides flexible, industry-leading support, services, and resources that enable you to quickly address technical issues, deepen your professional expertise, and maximize ROI. Included for all Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers that subscribe through the Microsoft online services environment are Community Forums, Service Dashboard, Web & Phone Support Incident Submission, Access to…


How to save 30-40% on first years license

If you are an Office 365 customer with a Midsize (M) plan you are eligible for a 30% discount on new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online alongside your Office 365 empowers your teams to engage more effectively with your customers. This combined power of customer relationship management (CRM) with already-familiar Microsoft Office tools…


Stay up-to-date on the status of your CRM Online and Office 365 on your mobile device

Last month we introduced the Office 365 Admin App. This app is designed to keep Office 365 admins and Dynamics CRM Online admins up-to-date on the status of their service on their mobile devices while they are on the go. The app can be installed by anyone on a supported device, but only the following Office…


CRM for Tablets with CRM On-Premises – IFD On and IWA Off

As stated in the Known Issues list, Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) is required if you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (on-premises version) with your CRM for Tablets app. IFDYour system administrator must configure claims-based authentication before your users can access their Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with their CRM for tablets app. If you have…


Looking for estimated pricing on CRM 2013?

Looking for estimated pricing on CRM 2013? Volume Licensing as well as Microsoft Online Services Program (MOSP)?  Microsoft Dynamics Resource Library to the rescue. Using the filter "Topic = Licensing" you get a list of brochures and guides on the topic. If you click eg. the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Licensing and Pricing Guide" you'll…


Comparison of the CRM Online 2013 Subscriptions (December 2013)

Since my blog post "Comparison of the new CRM Online 2013 subscriptions" (written early July 2013) I've gotten many questions about how to make the comparison even more clear; which entities are available/allowed to which user subscription licenses (USL)? For what its worth here is how I see the differences between the Essential, Basic, and…


Pinning Contacts in CRM for Tablets

CRM for Tablets is free for all licensed CRM 2013 users. Its available for Windows 8 tablets and iPads. Once of the nice things you can do in CRM for Tablets to save you time and clicks is pinning records to the very left area of the Sales Dashboard (the “Pinned Tiles” area). In the screen…


20% improvement in productivity thanks to CRM 2013

Everybody wants productivity improvements. Every vendor claims their new product/service will improve your productivity. But how do you measure how a new CRM system will help your productivity? Well, one measure could be the time it takes a sales user to complete a task in CRM. The table below lists measures taken in a focused lab environment for…


Known Issues, CRM for Tablets and Phones

CRM for Tablets and CRM for Phones are great apps and I encourage you to try them out now. To help you understand supported devices, potential configuration and authentication issues, customization topics and more we’ve published a new and updated list of Known Issues – link  


Social Insights for CRM

To help businesses and organizations build social insights muscle,  Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with InsideView, one of the leading social intelligence providers in the market. The first phase of this co-development partnership is the introduction of Social Insights capabilities directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 Professional.  Built on the InsideView…