Understanding storage in CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allocates an initial 5 GB of storage. This storage is pooled and shared by all service users. In addition, a company may purchase more Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online storage in gigabyte increments charged monthly, currently USD 9.99 per GB per month. Storage is shared across the organization and is not a per-user add-on.

To check the database storage usage:

  1. Click Settings 
  2. Click Administration 
  3. Click Resources In Use
  4. The usage is listed right under your organisation name (under the heading Storage)

If you get close to the limit of your storage space, several ways to reduce the amount of space used exists:

  1. Delete bulk e-mail and workflow instances using a bulk deletion job
  2. Evaluate and delete suspended workflows
  3. Remove e-mail attachments using Advanced Find
  4. Remove e-mail messages with attachments using a bulk deletion job
  5. Remove notes with attachments using Advanced Find
  6. Remove notes with attachments using a bulk deletion job
  7. Remove bulk duplicate detection jobs and associated copies of duplicate records
  8. Delete bulk import instances using a bulk deletion job
  9. Delete bulk deletion job instances using a bulk deletion job
  10. Delete audit logs

Read more in this article: 10 ways to free storage space in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online



  • If a CRM Online database reaches approximately 90% of the storage limit the billing administrator will receive an email recommending that extra storage space is added
  • Consider using SharePoint Online for attachments, the current price for additional storage is USD .20 per GB per month. CRM Online integrates with SharePoint Online out-of-the-box.

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