Business Contact Manager in SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Store is new to SharePoint Online - it will be available in the coming version of Office 365, currently referred to as Office 365 Preview. In the SharePoint Store you can find apps from SharePoint developers across the globe. You can filter the apps on several categories as well as on Price (Free and All).

One of the free apps currently available is the "Business Contact Manager" app - a mini-CRM right there for you to install in your SharePoint Online.


To put the mini-crm app to work in SharePoint Online

1. Click Sites, click the Gear icon next to your name, and click Add an app

2. Click SharePoint Store to open the store

3. Search for "Business Contact Manager" or filter on "Customer + Contact Management" at the refiner area at the left side of the page (if you dont see any apps in the store try selecting "English" a the languate in the top right corner of the page)

4. The app is displayed as your search result. Click the app to open the apps page

5. On the apps page, click Add It to add the app to your site collection as an app users can install

6. The app is added from the store

7. You are notified about the apps availability to users in your organisation. Click Return to Site

8. To allow the app to interact with basic information on your site click Trust It

9. The app is now available in the Site Contents page for you to install on the site

10. Click the app to open Business Contact Manager

11. You are first presented with an instructional video. Note that you can now work with four entities (company, contact, opportunity, and product) in many-to-many relationships

12. Click Companies to create, edit or view companies. You can add contacts to a company, as well as opportunities

13. Click Contacts to create, edit or view contacts. You can link contacts to companies, as well as opportunities

14. Click Oppornities to create, edit or view opportunities. You can link contacts, companies and products to opportunities

15. Click Products to create, edit or view the products and services you will bring to market. You can add products to opportunities

16. When done and back on the site, you can click the Business Contact Manager link to return to the app


The Business Contact Manager app is actually an application built on Access 2013 (you can customize it in Access 2013) and deployed in SharePoint Online as an Access Services app. In order for the app to work, please ensure you activated the Enterprise Features on your site collection

1. Click Site Settings

2. Click Site Collection Features under Site Collection Administration

3. Scroll down to the SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features and click Activate


  • Its still early days for the Office 365 Preview - it is after all a beta. I had to go through a couple of retry's before I got the app running. Currently the link in step 16 doest work - but you can access the app from the View All Contents under the Gear icon

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Comments (19)

  1. Kevin Rush NCARB AIA CSI says:

    I am looking for a Business Contact Manager to use for facilitate my marketing to potential and existing customers. I need it to handle and track marketing by telephone, email, and USPS. I need it to have classes, categories, and types. Years ago, I used
    Telemagic (DOS software) very successfully, but it no longer exists. I’m looking for it to dial the phone number, date the notes I take, allow me to pick a next call date (1 week, 1 month, 6 months, …, never) and then remind me when the next call is due.
    I’m looking for it to handle separate email campaigns and USPS mailing campaigns for post cards and newsletters.

    It would be great if it worked with our Office 365 P1 account. That way it would be accessible to others in the firm and available where ever Office 365 P1 is available.

    We prefer solutions that sync data in the cloud with the data locally on a server or computer.

    I’m a small small business and just need a business solution that is low cost.

    Most of the web solutions that I have looked at are too expensive and don’t seem to have the correct "focus" that we need.

    Thoughts anyone?

    Thank You,

  2. May I suggest to all BCM seekers – take a look at CRM Online 🙂 Several articles in this blog. You'll be amazed what it can do for you!

  3. I did a simple test and the BCM app doesnt seem to link emails (sent to and received from) to the companies/contacts in question.

  4. You should be able to customize the BCM app using the techniques and applications/downloads described below (haven’t tried my self – I’d recommend CRM Online if you need a CRM service)…/jj249372(v=office.15).aspx…/napa-office-365-development-tools-WA102963791.aspx

  5. Hi Jesper_Osgaard,
    if Microsoft can open source this project that would great on then our dev and mvp community can extand this project. Than can use internally for on-prem. Also if we can use oob contact list then we can use workflow and outlook Integration, soical features.

    Thank you
    Usama wahab khan (MCT,MVP SHAREPOINT SERVER)

  6. SimonG_UC says:

    Hi Jesper

    Great content – many thanks. Just a quick question – does this version of BCM link inbound and outbound email to and from the contact like the on premises version of BCM?

    A client has BCM currently and is desperate to move to the cloud but wants a online version of BCM (or at least something that connect emails automatically) before  she jumps.

    Many thanks


  7. SimonG_UC says:

    Many thanks for looking at this. What a shame – my search continues !

  8. Xavier says:


    Ok but this does not create a contact list in sharepoint, so we cannot use the companies list in other lists (as search column or content type ) ?

  9. geha1 says:

    Hi Jesper,

    great tool, thanks at all for that.

    one question, how can I Change Formulars?  Or put in pulldown menues or move the Navigation from left to top… stuff like that.

    pls let me know. Thanks in advance.

    regards gebhard harter germany

  10. John says:

    Is this purely a SharePoint Hosted App using CSOM/REST?

  11. John says:

    After having a good poke around it seems to be a no-code auto-hosted app purely delivered using Access Services. Life has gone full circle, back to building great business apps in Access – or will we be cursing the day in a few years just like last time 🙂

  12. uzair uddin says:

    i followed these step, but it doesn’t work, because it was already active and didn’t show in the content.

  13. mike says:

    I have a same problem with Uzair Uddin. I find app and it is actavated, but when i’m trying to use app as webpart it is not on he list?? What I’m not understanding??

  14. bill says:

    Thanks a million, been trying to fathom that out for ages !

  15. Regina Ritter says:

    Thanks for this write up. I too use free SharePoint with for managing my contacts online.

  16. glen says:

    I’m unable to see it in the app store. Is Business Contact Manager still available in the app store?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Not that I’m counting but I just realized one of my blog posts actually is closing in on 100k views

  18. Dave C says:

    Do they not have this application anymore? I went to search the Sharepoint Store but couldn’t find it. This would’ve been a perfect app for me.

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