Comparing features in SharePoint Online across Office 365 Service Plans

In my meetings with customers and partners I'm often asked which SharePoint Online features are found in which Office 365 Service Plans.

Its possible to find a high-level comparison here (see screen shot below), but to provide a more granular view I've compiled six tables corresponding to each of the six capabilities in SharePoint; Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights, and Composites


Please note that things change and the below might not be accurate by the time you read it.







For the most recent information please see the current Product Use Rights (in the April 2012 version the SharePoint licensing info is found on page 50 and 51 - see screenshot below) and Service Description (E-plans and P-plan)

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  1. @Martin Hatch – there is a difference between being (technically) able to access a feature and being *licensed* to use a feature. The E1 and E2 plans are not licensed to access any SharePoint Enterprise feature. Please consult the Product Use Rights, "Additive CALs", page 51 for more information (

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great comparison, thanks.

  3. Martin – again – please refer to Microsoft Online Services Use Rights, page 3 (…/Downloader.aspx)

    "Your Use Rights.  If you comply with your Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement, including these Online Services Use Rights, you may use the software and online services only as expressly permitted in these Online Services Use Rights"

  4. Martin Hatch says:

    I've got an E1 account and I do have access to:

    * BCS

    * InfoPath Form Services (including using Web Service calls)

    * Excel Services

    So not entirely accurate there methinks

    1. Simone says:

      old article.. I would love an updated version of this article…

  5. David Nykjær, 2ndC says:

    God oversigt! Tak for den! (og god blog :-))

  6. mike says:

    Great article. Incredibly thorough and useful. Thanks for the post!

  7. Martin Hatch says:


    Why am I allowed to use it .. if I haven't purchased it?

    If my hotel gives me a room with a hot-tub .. it can't then complain because I've used it!

  8. Rajni Rethesh says:

    This feature list is quite exhaustive. Thanks. Helpful it is.

  9. Andrea Tanzi says:

    Helpful feature list. Thanks. I am new to SharePoint and got a free SharePoint 2013 site with This comparison table will help me understand things better.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not that I’m counting but I just realized one of my blog posts actually is closing in on 100k views

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