New and Improved – PDF in SharePoint Online in Office 365

Office 365 users wanted a better, more connected and governed experience when it came to working with PDF files within SharePoint Online document libraries.

Thanks to your direct comments and active voices in the Community forums, PDF files will now open directly into Adobe Reader without requiring that it be downloaded first. The PDF remains connected and stored in your SharePoint Online document library as you view and edit the file. You can even check it out like other Office documents.

After the SharePoint Online environment has been updated, users must have the latest Adobe Reader version (10.1.2) installed:

This update is part of the second update to SharePoint Online (SPO) since the launch of Office 365 (O365). The updates are now beginning to roll out worldwide. Read all about them on the official blog of the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group - link

See also: "PDF Files in SharePoint Online" - link

Comments (12)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is search already enabled for PDF documents in Office 365? I uploaded a searchable pdf, but search results don’t list the document.

  2. @Odin Thank you for commenting. Suggestions for the product group can be submitted using this form…/Feedback.aspx

  3. Maybe the update isnt applied to your datacenter yet ?

    *This update will roll out to customers over the next several months. We expect that all customers will receive the update by May 2012.(…/974.aspx)

  4. BigG says:

    "users must have the latest Adobe Reader version (10.1.2) installed"

    So if you have paid good money for Adobe Acrobat Pro it still doesn't work?  Not really a solution then!

  5. Dayys says:

    This is still not working for me after following instructions.  It still ask if I want to save it.  Please, please give me step by step instructions (maybe they instructions I read were not complete, I don't know…something is not right).

    Thank you.

  6. Robert R. engel says:

    It is now May 12, 2012 and PDF files served to clients from an Office365 public web site still can not be opened directly in a browser (IE9, Chrome, or Firefox.)  When is this issue going to be resolved?  My users are sick and tired of having to download and save each PDF before it can be displayed.  

  7. Boyan says:

    PDFs now open for me but HTM and HTML files DO NOT? I am asked to save htm or html locally and then open them in another IE window?

  8. odin2 says:

    Well, what if you want to use PDF reader other than Adobe's? PDF is supposed to be some sort of a standard, you know.

  9. banladesh says:

    I for converting from Word to PDF using long Universal Document Converter. Saves a lot of time. Recommend. Download it here…/convert_word_to_pdf.html

  10. Jon says:

    Actually, what my users want is a super simplified read-only never-locked access to PDF files. Any document we have is sourced in Work, Excel, or even InDesign (Adobe) whereas a PDF file is only a publicly-consumable, non-changeable version of that document. Unfortunately, Sharepoint puts a lock on a PDF anytime anybody tries to view it, and then the file is useless to all others, as the user generally doesn’t even know they’ve locked the document. This behavior is quite awful.

  11. sharon says:

    is this something that has to be configured? we have all users with a version of acrobat and still pdf’s open in Edge.

  12. James Nelson says:

    We used SharePoint 2010 (on-prem) in the past with Adobe Acrobat 11 and there was solid integration and never a need to download a file. We would use the SharePoint Server menu in Acrobat to do the actions. No we see no integration at all. Reader is a start but this was written in 2012 so is there an update for 2017 and Acrobat 11/DC?

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