Lync Mobile – its here and here is how to set it up

Microsoft Lync 2010 for Windows Phone (a.k.a. Lync Mobile) just released - get it here

If you want to have a play with Lync Mobile then we haven’t quite setup the DNS records yet (or they are still propagating round the internet).

So while we wait for the DNS records to propagate the internet here is a couple of preliminary helpers to help you setup your Lync Mobile:

If you are using

  • an Office 365 tenant with a vanity domain - link
  • a * domain - link


Other Mobile Platforms

Lync Mobile is available on other mobile platforms. Below you'll find a highlevel feature comparison chart:

For more detailed "Mobile Client Comparison Tables" click this TechNet link

See also

  • Overview of Lync Mobile - link
  • Troubleshooting - link
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