Difference between Update-CsUserdata and Import-CsUserdata

Update-CsUserdata does not overwrite existing data, it appends to it. Whereas, Import-CsUserdata overwrites the old data.

Update-CsUserdata is an on-the-fly operation and requires more intensive resources and thus, should be reserved for one off (non-bulk) user updates. Whereas, Import-CsUserdata is relatively faster and requires a RTCSRV.exe restart

Comments (2)

  1. Tobie Fysh says:

    As the UPDATE command appends is the only way to remove a contact from a users list is to use the IMPORT command?

  2. nick says:

    The update command is not working, its output is:

    0 users were successfully imported. 0 users were failed to import. 0 users were ignored. 1 users were not processed

    Below users were not processed:

    Some budy knows why?

    thanks in advance

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