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To all the loyal Lync enthusiasts who have come to know and love the Lync Team Blog, thank you for all your past comments and engagement with us. This blog would not have continued to thrive without your participation. However, as Microsoft moves toward frequent updates across all Office products, we’ve decided to consolidate our posts into the Office blogs platform to make it easier on you to find information across all Office applications. As of today, there will no longer be new posts to the Lync Team Blog. To find the latest news and announcements related to Lync, please refer to Office Blogs at Thank you and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments on Office blogs!

This post describes the new blog, and how you can use filters to see posts only for the products you are interested in: Welcome to the New Office Blogs.
-The Lync Team

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  1. Anon-1 says:

    WOW, who makes these decisions? a manager with NO tech experience in Microsoft? They just wake up one day and say “Let’s Kill Lync Blog site & NextHop Blog site” WOW………….

  2. Anon-1 says:

    “The New Office Blog” for Lync is ONLY about Office 365.
    NO WAY will my customers move to the Public Cloud / Office 365. In the Public Cloud / Office 365, Microsoft will OWN my customer’s Data so that is NO NO. And every day we hear about Public Cloud / Office 365 security issues (NSA, Backdoor Access).
    Nice try…….

  3. Petri X says:

    So you do not want to publishing any more news? Sad to hear. On the Office Mess I could find article about Lync from October 2013: “Updated Lync mobile for Windows Phone and iOS.”

    Would be wise to publish even last 20 blog articles, so that we can see you really moved into there.

    And if the Office team is not going to improve their complex site 100x better, you can forget that you can reach us. Unless that was your purpose?

    Bad progress…

  4. Ed (DareDevil57) says:


  5. Even filtering it to say I only use Lync ends up showing more than I’d like. Hoping the experience gets smoother, thanks for everything you’ve done so far!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lync Team: Can you bring back ‘Recent Comments’?

  7. Jeff Borders says:

    Wow, you just made it considerably harder to find Lync information. Good call.

  8. Bert' says:

    Can you please give us step-by-step instruction how to narrow down this BS blog to get the same info as before?
    It is just impossible to find.
    Well done guys. NOT!

  9. Peter says:

    I’m not interested in all O365 info, I want info what is good to know for my Lync on premise. Show me how to filter away all 365 ***. I know you want to ta have everyone on O365, but there will be a big mass of customers that wont move.

  10. Sylvain M says:

    The New Office Blog is awful. I am NOT interested in Office 365 info. There is no way to filter this crap.
    Guys, do you listen your customer feedback about O365 info on tech blogs ?

  11. Håkan says:

    Where is the rss feed in the new blog that made it easy to keep track of just Lync stuff.

  12. james says:

    This is beyond disappointing. The office blog is terrible and gives me none of the information im interested in.

  13. Mikael Hagberg says:


  14. Håkan says:

    Been looking in to the office blog and its realy realy realy bad, looks good but its impossible to filter in it.. realy bad move as it is now

  15. John says:

    Office blogs is all about Public Cloud / Office 365. Are you Forcing us to go Public Cloud? Of Course. Our Customers do NOT want public cloud Vendor (Microsoft) OWN the data. Also many security issues in the public cloud (NSA, backdoor).

  16. Patel says:

    Why would Microsoft Kill this site?? Is this the result of Forcing everyone to Public Cloud / Office 365? So Engineers become non-technical admins………

  17. Joe says:

    Is this Microsoft’s master plan? Kill all the good Technical blogs > dumb down everyone > now everyone must move to Public Cloud / Office 365 > now that you do not have any skill………….

  18. willi says:

    very very sad MS hides important information behind useless cloud stuff nobody cares…

  19. bill says:

    The “Office Blog” is all about Office 365. We do NOT want to move to Hosting/Public Cloud/Office 365. We will NOT be forced. We will NOT GIVE our Data to Hosting/Public Cloud/Office 365. In Hosting/Public Cloud/Office 365 you will OWN our Data.

  20. Phil says:

    I think a few people here need to chill….. [Maybe to the North pole].

  21. lee says:

    Very Bad decision from MS. Looks like MS wants to kill knowledge to keep Lync On-premises running. The Office Blog is all about BS Office 365. We Will NOT be forced to move to Hosting / Public Cloud / Office 365.

  22. Roman says:

    Both THIS blog and NextHop where my one-stop blogs. Looking at the I am lost… I hate the design, It’s bloated and misses the change to quickly "scan" the information. bad management prolly. NEXT!

  23. nick says:

    So Microsoft wants to shove Microsoft Hosting/Public Cloud/Office 365 down our throat, and this is how they do it by Axing sites.

  24. mjh says:

    Very inept decision!!!! Bonehead decision… not surprised…

  25. Joe Stocker (MSFT Partner) says:

    Microsoft – Please reconsider this decision on the basis that the website is not an easy way to find Lync content. I just tried browsing it and even when you filter for Lync content, it shows Office 365 and nothing like the type of content
    we are used to seeing on this blog. Please keep this blog alive! I get the decision to post technical information on Technet, that is cool, but please keep this blog as an active place where Lync news can be posted that references when new technical information
    has been posted to Technet. Otherwise how would we know when new articles post to Technet?

  26. Sean B says:

    I agree with Joe Stocker. +1

  27. Jack says:

    Another DUMB decision from Microsoft to force everyone to move to Microsoft Hosting / Office 365. "" has only Office 365 BS stuff. A reminder to Microsoft, soon your loyal customers will NOT recommend Microsoft software, hint hint China
    has banned Microsoft software in the government offices………….

  28. Steven l says:

    You lost my care,I don’t like the new website.

  29. Join Microsoft Lync Server Groups says:

    Forget this BS……Join Microsoft Lync Server Groups………

  30. Sadie C. says:

    WHY is there no Spell Check on Lync??? Just doesn’t make sense. another thing Lotus Notes Sametime has that Lync doesn’t.

  31. Bluethooth head set Phonak Compilot - W7 says:

    Trying to get on speaking terms with hearing aid Phonak Compilot – via Bluetooth – and lync 2013 on windows7
    I can get spotify/you tube etc through, but "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" dev claim "The drivers for this device are not installed(Code 28".

    When selecting Custom device in lync (Bluetooth speaker/headset) – no success – dead silent. – Any hints?

  32. It's always about the money, isn't it? says:

    Everything is always ONLY about the money. Businesses who are ONLY about the money will ultimately fail, no matter how much momentum they have. It may take time, but it will happen. This decision is all about marketing more M$ products by forcing us to
    wade through crap we don’t want to see just to increase product exposure. So typical of myopic corporations everywhere. The sad thing is nobody from Microsoft will ever see this.

  33. Beaulah says:

    Please enable the ability to remove the mobile location status from the iOS app. I would only like to show that I am available and not how I’m connected.

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