To Lync Conference 2014: Thank you!

To the folks who couldn't be here, thank you for engaging with us over social, watching the keynote, and connecting with us from afar. Every tweet you sent was shared on a giant 30-foot tall screen in the expo hall. We hope you can join us next time…from a capacity perspective, it's going to be completely different, so no worries. Just please register early, OK?


To our amazing logistics teams, you were the engine of the show. We sold out expo  again,  spilled out of our hotel – again, tripled our speakers, doubled onsite bodies, and kept the local authorities satisfied. You are amazing and roll with everything. Thank you.


To our technical teams – we doubled our bandwidth and capacity and tripled our breakout rooms. Whether in keynote or the expo hall, everyone worked their butts off. And everything worked. Thanks so much for the over-engineering.


To our speakers, engineers, proctors, assistants, and booth staff – you are the reason everyone here took a week away from their lives to talk Lync in the desert. Thank you for the phenomenal presentations, labs, white board sessions, and conversations.


To our MVPs – what can we say? Your work for Lync is constant and tireless, virtually and physically. We are so thankful for your efforts spreading the business benefits and technical internals of Lync over the years and consistently holding us accountable. 


To our sponsors – your consistent refrain of "more passes" and early announcements was a welcome early sign of great things to come. It completely outmatched our wildest expectations when we walked into the Lync Conference expo hall, stretching far into the distance, filled with the universe that is Lync. It's humbling. Thank you for helping our customers on this journey with us. 


And to the customers and users of Lync – we do it all for you. Thanks for learning with us, sharing your stories and growing as a community. You're the best. Tell us how we can do it again, but better – please submit your evals. 


Lastly, to all of you and everyone else in the Lync and Skype communities – we appreciate your passion, hard work, and time to help make this conference the best it could be. We look forward to seeing each and every one one of you next year.


Sami Abou Saab - Partner

Jacky Magee - Social

Jennifer Yust - Customers

Tim Woo - Keynote

Jamie Stark - Content

Lauren Husum - Lead


Lync Conference 2014 Team

Skype / Lync Enterprise Product Marketing

Microsoft Corporation


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  1. Petri X says:

    Is there any hope to get Lync Conf into Europe as well?

  2. Petri X says:

    Btw, can we expect to get the records from the conference available at some time?

  3. Jamie Stark says:

    We know a bunch of the Lync community from Europe & Asia wasn’t able to join us. Once we’re rested up from Vegas (and Enterprise Connect….) we will absolutely get started with planning.

    Thanks again to everyone that came out to Vegas. Hope it was valuable for you!

    Jamie Stark
    Product Manager

  4. Pablo says:

    Dear Lync team, who cares about your conferences when the software is hardly usable? You managed to introduce a new bug in yesterday’s Lync desktop 2013 update (version 15.0.4659.1503) – the chat window is totally messed up with higher DPI than 100% (the message is displayed NEXT TO the senders name, it should be displayed BELOW THAT – as it always has been until this update). Thanks again for wonderful experience. Please fix this ASAP.

  5. Olivier Chaline says:

    We discovered the same issue after updating to Office 2013 SP1 today. High DPI setting in Windows 8.1 causes messages to be incorrectly placed inside Lync’s chat window. We cannot remove the SP1 since we use Office 365 Click-to-Run edition where this is not possible. A hotfix is required.

  6. Luciano Mota says:

    Hi All,

    Since we took part in Lync Conference 2014 in Vegas, I´ve trying to apply our company in microsoft Lync TAP program. According to MS docs it´s supposed to write to an email, but no answer. Can anyone tell me if I´m missing something?

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