Lync Mobile update for iOS and Windows Phone: Viewing Uploaded PowerPoint presentations, Voice Commands on Windows Phone and a new look for iOS7

Written by Barak Manor

The latest release of Lync mobile for Windows Phone and iOS7 devices adds the ability to view shared PowerPoint presentations, lets Windows Phone users control Lync using voice commands, and aligns the Lync Mobile app with the look and feel of iOS7.

View Shared PowerPoint Presentations

Many users like to upload their PowerPoint into Lync Meeting rather than share their desktop in order to enable easier navigation through slides and animations or bringing up thumbnails is quick and accessible. Uploading PowerPoint presentations also enables to play multimedia files, embedded in PowerPoint, and to use features like the Q&A and polling.

Now iOS and Windows Phone users can enjoy the variety of Lync Meetings by viewing of shared PowerPoint on the mobile device. (One can read more about viewing of shared desktop here)

WP viewing shared PPT

Making Lync (Almost) Hands free

I often use Lync on my smartphone to join Lync Meetings while driving. It is unsafe to be looking at my smartphone and touching lots of keys while driving. The new Lync feature on Windows Phone lets me join a Lync Meeting by pressing one easily found button and then talking.

Windows Phone open Speech API gives the Lync team the opportunity to add Voice Control to some key functionality for Lync Meetings and voicemails.

In addition to the safe driving capability this great feature doesn’t require Lync to be in foreground.

You can activate the voice control by holding down the Start key and using the following commands:

Join the next Lync Meeting “Lync, join [my] next meeting”
Join the current Lync Meeting “Lync, join [my] current meeting”
Show the next Lync Meeting “Lync, show [my] next meeting”
Show the current Lync Meeting “Lync, show [my] current meeting”
Show the calendar in Lync "Lync, show [my] meetings”
Play the voicemail ”Lync, play [my] voicemail”
Show the voicemail “Lync, show [my] voicemail”

* - The ‘my’ word is optional


An example for “Lync, join [my] current meeting”

Windows Phone provides other great Speech Commands applications, such as dictating an email (See full list here).We intend to look into such features in iOS too, when an open speech API is available.


iOS7 new look

The new Lync Mobile app is available only for iOS7 users. Any user who has an older iOS version with a Lync Mobile app version 5.2 installed (which we published last October) won’t have access to the new features. Thus, we encourage our users to upgrade their devices to the latest iOS version so they will be able to enjoy all the great new features.


iPhone5 look

iPad3 look

Please note, that if you have an old version of iOS (pre-iOS7) and haven’t downloaded Lync 2013 till now you have two options: 1) download the Lync 2010 mobile app and use it for your Lync communication; 2) upgrade your mobile device to the latest OS (iOS7 or newer version) and enjoy the full power of the Lync Mobile app

These new features are available for download now in their respective app-stores.  Although Android is not included in this update, we expect to show new Android capabilities in the next couple of months.

Thanks and happy Lyncing!


Comments (17)

  1. Lync Mobile update for iOS and Windows Phone: Viewing Uploaded PowerPoint presentations, Voice Commands on Windows Phone and a new look for iOS7
    thank you

  2. Baasky says:

    Is this applicable for Windows Phone 7 also or only Windows Phone 8 ?

  3. Tim Woo says:

    Hi Baasky, the Lync 2013 client for Windows Phone only runs on Windows Phone 8.

  4. Alex S. says:

    So I’ve been battling mobility not working in a Lync Hosting Pack v2 installation, getting 401 errors across all mobile devices as well as when trying to browse the URLs on the front-ends directly (bypass proxy).

    After the client updates this morning for iOS and Windows Phone, everything works!
    However, no such luck on Android clients. A bug? A coincidence? Aliens? I don’t know. But I will wait with baited breathe for the Android client update and hope it fixes the issue there too.

  5. Mike S. says:

    He mentioned Android would be getting attention in the coming months. I hope so.

  6. William says:

    Love the speech commands on Windows Phone!

  7. julian says:

    It would be nice if Microsoft fixed the call connection over 3G bug, which entirely destroys the point of having a Lync app…….!

  8. Barak Manor says:

    Hi Julian, I’m really sorry to hear that you have problems using your Lync Mobile client over 3G. Since this is the first time the team hears of such a problem, I would be happy to follow-up with you on the issue through your Microsoft account team. Please
    ask the account team to contact me directly (there is only one Barak Manor in Microsoft).

  9. hamilton says:

    As an Enterprise Licensing customer the big thing we’re waiting on to make the leap to Lync is Skype Video integration. Any word on when that’s coming?

  10. Lync says:

    Great blog, It contains very good information really The beauty of Lync is that we can pour out to get what we want in a communication platform. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

  11. Jim_B says:

    I have an IOS 6, and can’t install Lync since their great upgrade. I don’t want to upgrade my whole OS just to install Lync. How can I install Lync 5.2!

  12. lee says:

    I’m using Lync 2013 for iOS, but there doesn’t appear to be a notification feature. Is it limited to foreground use?

  13. Simon says:

    My speech language is set to English(United Kingdom) and whenever you say any of the commands it goes off to Bing search. Even to launch Lync as an app you have to spell out "L" "Y" "N" "C". It works if I install and use the US Speech pack……so is this
    only support in the US Speech pack ?

  14. khatri says:

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  17. lee says:

    I would like to see Lync for iOS maintain a persistent connection state as logged in and improve the notification, so that it works more like email where it can banner or alert with sound and vibration. I get inconsistent notifications, sometimes none, sometimes sound, sometimes text. I’m not sure if it’s the app or other cause. Thanks.

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