Lync app feedback – you asked, and here it is

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded our new Windows Store Lync app! Lots of people are loving it, but we’ve seen feedback that some people are having trouble getting signed in. If you are having problems signing-in, please take a look at the information in this article: Lync sign-in issues.

We have also seen feedback on other things, and we want you to know that we hear you! We are actively working on fixing a few problems, such as adding a Back button and making it easier to search for your  contacts. We love hearing from our customers – both good and bad – so please keep the feedback coming!

The Lync Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have option of storing the specific conversation either mail/text file (which was their in communicator).
    if you have this option let me know.

  2. Korbyn says:

    It would be nice to see it added to the "Lync Full and Basic feature list" doc, just so we know what we do and don't get.

    Seems like we also need to have a web scheduler in order to create a meeting using the App.

    Windows RT, which doesn't seem to have Silverlight on it, and joining a meeting seems to require it, so the app is going to have limited functionality on RT.

  3. Lync app feedback – you asked, and here it is
    thank you for the information

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have Lync 2013 client installed and cannot uninstall it.  I have Win 7 and Admin rights, when I go to Programs & Features, highlight Microsoft Lync 2013 and click on Uninstall or Change, it looks like something is going to happen and then does nothing.  I do not have any other Office 2013 apps installed, only Lync 2013.

    Lync 2013 will not load becuase it tells me it cannot find a key, when I have addedd our EA key about 3 times.  This client is terrible and want it removed so I can communicate effectively with other employees.  The other postings about uninstalling Lync 2013 do not apply to this situation, so I am reposting to a new thread.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have only one complaint. This has plagued Lync since its inception (and even its predecessor): When Lync cannot contact the server, DO NOT use a modal dialog to tell me the error. Instead, use a notification ribbon or something… just not a modal dialog.

    Why? Because 1) as I switch from one network to another, VPN to non VPN, I would like it if Lync would either keep quiet about its inability to log in instead of jumping up and down on my desktop with an error that I don't care about most of the time. 2) It would enable your application, instead of grinding to a permanent halt until I acknowledge something I already know, to silently continue trying to log in as I hop from network to network. Far more elegant solution


  6. Peter Mazonas says:

    Where can I download the Lync 2013 Planning Tool?

  7. Martin says:

    Color scheme's…. preferably like the black in Office 2010 🙂

  8. John Hough says:

    Please PLEASE make it so you can change the audio device.  It defaults to my computer speakers/mic and I can't change it to my Jabra GO lync certified device.

  9. jan says:

    An app for all platforms including blackberry.

  10. John Hough's Angel says:

    John you set default communication device in the sound setting in control panel under playback devices.

  11. alaa says:

    It is better to include VOIP capabilities in mobile versions of Lync, as well as videos.. 🙂

  12. Brian C says:

    Would be nice if the messages stayed in synch between devices (including mobile client).

  13. Windows Store Lync app, Exchange and TMG says:

    We use Threate Management Gateway and I cannot get the client to talk to our Exchange servers with Forms Based Authentication at the firewall. I have to remove all authentication from TMG to get it to work.

    Is there any documentation on how to best configure TMG for use with the Windows Store Lync App?

  14. culmor says:


    I just upgraded to the latest version of Skype seeing as Messenger is now getting integrated; however my federated Lync 2010 users are not showing as online etc but they do show under Live Messenger?  I'm guessing its a federation change on the MS side as my Lync 2010 server does not have the Skype gateway details?

    Any information relating to this would be very useful

  15. Wanderlei says:

    "Não eduque seu filho para ser rico, eduque-o para ser feliz. Assim, ele saberá o valor das coisas e não o seu preço."

  16. this sucks says:

    this sucks, i want my old messenger back

  17. Phillip Garding [Microsoft] says:

    Thanks for the comments.  The app is a work in progress; we are continuing to make improvements.  We are also adding to our documentation to answer some common questions, such as the feature comparison table.  A few specific responses:

    For Lync Server 2013 planning, check out the documentation here:…/gg398447(v=ocs.15).aspx

    We’ve gotten requests around the ability to select audio devices and we are looking into it for a future release.  At this time, the audio device needs to be configured through the Windows settings, and the audio device needs to be set as the “Default Communications
    Device” (both for playback and recording in the Windows OS).  We are working with the Windows team to get access to all of the controls we need to light up these features.

    We have more detailed documentation coming in a few days for administrators deploying Lync Windows Store app.  The sign-in issues help topic will include a link to it when it is available.

    For other information, check out our online help documentation by tapping Help from Settings in the Lync app.  The FAQ is available directly from this link:…/home

    Thanks for using Lync Windows Store app!

  18. Anthony says:

    Hi, I am trying to stop this message from coming up in my conversation every time nothing is said for about 5 minutes:

    This conversation is being saved in the Conversation History folder in your Outlook mailbox.

    I dont care if the message is saved, and I dont think i need to know that it is saved every 5 minutes.  Please help.

    I tryed to disable the notifications in the tools – options, but there is no way to do it.  I have used Communicator on my other computer and this does not happen.

  19. Dan_IT says:

    I just got a Windows 8 phone and I can't seem to join meetings any longer.  When I click the link in my calendar I get a message that I have to install Silverlight. Of course that is not possible on the phone.

    Is there a setting that I missed?

    This worked perfectly on the Android device that I just gave up, so I know it has to be able to work on a Windows phone, right?

  20. Cory Ducey says:

    I can send doc files, but not docx files…or any new MS office files with Communicator 2007.  I clicked the Feedback option and it took me here.  Also, it restricted jog files…I work in a techncal support team and this is frustrating that I have to keep emailing these files.

  21. ryan says:

    I need the conversation history saved in the Lync desktop client as well as on the mobile client. In order to continue a conversation on either client


    I think I'm WAY behind the power curve because I'v not had a lot of use with this program….My problem I know….and I'll have to make somemore time reading up on how to better use the program.  I currently work from home under medical Reasonable Accomidations.  MY question:

    How do I find out what my password is, how do I change it, and how long is a password valid?  As you can see, I'm able to use the program and when someone calls me, I can use it for voice and "typing communication" (what is the proper word for this last function?  

    Also, because I'm a old fart… Is there a way to make the text larger so I don't have to use a hand held magnifing glass?

    Any help is appreciated,  Thanks.

    Cliff Baker

  23. says:

    In re my last message.  I would appreciate it if you DO NOT PUBLISH my last comments to you.  I didn't know you publish comments without the my consent.  I don't think Ill use this function any more if that's the way this works.


    Cliff Baker

  24. John Cunningham says:

    The office communicator is a fantastic business tool. My only ask would be you work to add a built in spell check. I'm sure we all tend to have 20 things going on and it never fails, I'll send a message to a Sr. manager with a misspelled word.

    Thank you for looking for feedback.

  25. stephen says:

    I am using the Lync app on android. I have feedback which a lot of my coworkers have voiced as well. When we chat on the mobile Lync app, the conversation does not sync with the Desktop application of Lync. So my conversations with my coworkers at lunch or while I'm on the go will not show on my desktop when I get back to my desk. This is one of the big things that deter me from using the Lync app.

    Another suggestion is that for some reason, when a coworker chats with me on their phone and their desktop, a completely new window pops up for the same person! and one window is for their phone instance, one is for their computer instance. This, as you can imagine, is also quite annoying and it makes it difficult to keep track of an ongoing conversation. If you would like screenshots I can provide them.


  26. ANNA PAUL says:

    This app is awesome, it such save alot of time with phone calls I'm so glad the VA has this 🙂

  27. Steve B says:

    I have a new Surface Pro and installed the Lync App.  When typig a mage that goes beyond the first line, the application freezes every time.  I need to open Windows Desktop and kill the application and restart.  Is this a known issue?

  28. Ratha says:

    My account cannot upload my photo profile ?

    Plz take answer to me via

    Advance Thanks !

  29. Boa tarde senhores,

    Estou tendo dificuldade de fazer funcionar a federação com o skype,

    PS C:> Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus

    UpToDate           : True

    ReplicaFqdn        : MBTPEDGE01.braporto.local

    LastStatusReport   : 12/12/2013 12:14:58

    LastUpdateCreation : 12/12/2013 12:14:55

    ProductVersion     : 5.0.8308.0

    UpToDate           : True

    ReplicaFqdn        : MBTPLYNC01.braporto.local

    LastStatusReport   : 12/12/2013 12:14:58

    LastUpdateCreation : 12/12/2013 12:14:55

    ProductVersion     : 5.0.8308.556

    PS C:> Get-CsPublicProvider

    Identity             : Skype

    Name                 : Skype

    ProxyFqdn            :

    IconUrl              :


    NameDecorationDomain :

    VerificationLevel    : AlwaysVerifiable

    Enabled              : True

    Segui todo o passo a passo dos links abaixo sem sucesso:…/dn440174.aspx…/dn440170.aspx…/dn440174.aspx…/dn440175.aspx…/dn440172.aspx

    Os testes realizados no
    – deram como certo, teria algum troubleshooting pra saber se a federação com o skype está ok ou não?

  30. Anonymous says:

    I wish that Lync would not forget my password every time it is unable to connect to the server. As a traveling laptop user this means that every time I boot my computer and Lync tries to connect, it will fail and drop my password because I have not yet connected to the VPN.

    Then when I reenter my password Lync always asks if I would like it to remember my password for next time.

  31. Scott says:

    Recently started working for a company that uses Lync. I am absolutely baffled by the lack of a pop-up setting that will let me know when I have a conversation. I have missed SO MANY conversations for a few minutes or even a day or more because I don’t
    even see the blinking that continually happens in the taskbar. Using Windows 7 by the way. I can certainly understand why some people would want to turn this off, but literally EVERY other IM program I’ve ever used has had this as a basic function of the software,
    and you thought it was better to leave it out? I just don’t understand.

  32. AA says:

    Would you implement picture/small files sending in Lync? Everyone is moving up nowadays…

  33. About the quality , it is very bad since 3 weeks ago, it is hardly to connect with Algerian mobile Operator, country code +213.
    1- if connect it is in the wrong way and dropped in just about 10 Sec and hear the speek replayed for you and hear the other persone say are you hear me.
    2- Moste of times connect after 10 trries with other peopel from around the world randomly Excep English Speakers, I do not know if they hear me or not, as I heard only the 1st 5 sec of speech of more than one pair, and one by one.
    Would you please look after this problem.

  34. Ahmed (Added to the previous comment) says:

    I mean by the wrong way, that when you dial anumber to Algeria, Just the tone of searching finished you hear the person without hearing that his device is running) and in such a way as dicribed previously.

  35. Matt says:

    I have just moved from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013. I initial thoughts are "what have you done?" Firstly what a waste of screen real-estate. I’m on a desktop, without touch screen why would I want such large clumsy buttons. The notifications when someone becomes
    available is a scarily massive area with their photo or image. Yes I want to know they have have come online but not with that large intrusive popup. someone needs to learn about scale and refinement. the words crisp and clean seem to have been avoided or
    replaced by large and obnoxious.
    I would say even though the underlying product may have been improved, slapping that front end on it, you should be ashamed.
    I have gone back to 2010 for the simpleness it provides and the understated notification it provides.

    Also I like the previous version ability to hide the content of the incoming message and simply stating "xxxxx has invited you to a conversation" as I work in an environment where people are helping on my computer with me and I hold my privacy dear, setting
    it to "do not disturb" is the incorrect action in this case.

  36. Gary Bisson says:

    The latest Android application provided on Google Play ( is causing some problems. The application is crashing even before the sign-in screen. Here is the logcat:
    I/ActivityManager( 2548): Start proc for activity pid=7951 uid=10072 gids={50072, 3003, 1028, 1015, 3002}
    D/dalvikvm( 7951): Trying to load lib /data/app-lib/ 0x41bda970
    W/linker ( 7951): has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix.
    D/dalvikvm( 7951): Added shared lib /data/app-lib/ 0x41bda970
    I/como ( 7951): JNI_OnLoad
    I/como ( 7951): JNI_OnLoad: JNI_Init complete
    D/BluetoothAdapter( 7951): Bluetooth is not supported on this hardware platform
    D/AndroidRuntime( 7951): Shutting down VM
    W/dalvikvm( 7951): threadid=1: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4190fba8)
    E/UncaughtException( 7951): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot get bluetooth adapter
    E/UncaughtException( 7951): at

    Indeed the device doesn’t have a Bluetooth adapter but that shouldn’t prevent the application to work. Especially knowing that the Bluetooth feature is not enabled on the device, the Bluetooth menu in Settings is not even present.
    Moreover, the following older versions of Lync Android app work just fine:
    It therefore looks like a regression on your side, could you please confirm?
    FYI, I am using Android 4.4.2 and the issue happens to all the users using the same device (and will happen to any user using a device without BT for sure).


  37. Anonymous says:

    a WAY over due feature: Offline messaging! There is nothing more annoying than having a message kicked back because someone is suddenly offline. Yahoo and other IMs have the ability to get missed messages, Lync needs this too!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Another needed feature – Selective Offline/Status – The ability to appear offline/away/busy but only for selected individuals. I work with someone who constantly IMs me and others to ‘chit chat’. I have work to do and would rather NOT chat with him. I
    do not want to be offline or away for those that I communicate with for business reasons, but if I could appear offline or away JUST for him, that would be AMAZING! I know several other co-workers who feel the same way about this guy.

  39. Jyothish Viswambharan says:

    Feature Request :-

    * It would be great to add snapshot capture tool also in Lync.
    * External/Customized emotion can be added into Lync

  40. Jyothish says:

    Feature Request :-

    * It would be great to add snapshot capture tool also in Lync.
    * External/Customized emotion can be added into Lync

    * Chat history doesn’t get if we join in a group chat
    * By clicking on new tab is making Lync hanged. (When used tab add-on)
    * Copying text content from external source to Lync window have limitations

  41. NotSoDisgruntled says:

    Our legal and communications team in our organization disabled the feature to "Save conversations in Outlook". That frustrates me because we use Lync for communication and I lose useful information when I close a chat window.

    I would like to suggest a feature such as an icon in the chat window that shows when the other user has "Save converations in Outlook" feature turned on. Maybe that would satisfy legal dept.

  42. Андрей says:

    Отличная прога только добавьте функцию использования(поддержания) VPN в заблокированном состоянии

  43. Bill Pelen says:

    Overall good tool – But:
    The participant list horizontally across uses 30% of the screen.
    In the Web app – try clicking settings while someone is sharing – you’ll have to leave the meeting to do anything because the dialog box appears behind the share.
    Suggest: move the participants to the left and put a pin type design to allow the section to slide closed.
    Lync’s competition is webex where you have 100% of the screen available to view other party’s shared screen.

  44. Gannon says:

    I wish Lync changed your status to "Screen Sharing", when you are screen sharing. This would avoid any unwanted messages from popping up during a screen share.

  45. Otavio says:

    PLEASE, come back with the ability to drag and drop attachments from Outlook 2013 to Lync. It is not possible anymore, so we have to save the file in the desktop, drag and drop, and then delete. It is ridiculous.

  46. Matt says:

    Conversation syncing needs to be part of the mobile app. Using the program needs to be seamless between devices.

  47. Chad Lee says:

    we need an option to set the default font. I change it everyday anyways so we should have an option to set a certain font for our use as default

  48. paul says:

    I am annoyed that I cannot set my location across an RDP session. I regularly connect from my home PC to my work PC (which is running Lync) via RDP through our VPN. I would **love** to be able to set my location as "home" in Lync on the RDP session. This
    restriction feels like a technical limitation that should have been designed around. If Lync can’t rely on location services to figure out where I am– i.e. RDP or VM– then don’t disable it. Let me specify it!

  49. Witney says:

    Please ad the (thumbs up) (y) emoticon to Lync. I really need them to chat with colleagues quicker; we do use this tool a lot since we are in different countries.


  50. sunny says:

    Please consider adding capability of shceduling recording of a meeting in advance in cases where you can not attend the meeting but still would like to listen "off-line" later.

  51. Gunnar Bolmsjö says:

    Question: How can I change resolution, or zoom factor if you like, of a presenter who is presenting materials (data, excel spreadsheet, or whatever) so I am able to see it? The case is that the presenter has a monitor with a lower resolution than mine.
    I think that the case is actually (typically case) a Dell 12,5 inch laptop with a 1366×768 pixel resolution and I have a 3620 x 2160 pixel resolution. The text reduces to micrometer size and you have to read it from 10 cm distance.

    I don’t know how it works in the reveres situation, have to try that.
    This problem will accelerate in the near future with people working on different display systems.
    Tried to find any zoom tool but could not find anyone.

  52. John S. says:

    I have the latest version of the Lync client for Mac. Can you tell me why they have yet to incorporate tabbed chats into that client? That is a very basic chat client feature that Microsoft conveniently overlooked so the Mac client would be crappy compared
    to the Windows client.

  53. sam says:

    Hi, I have moved from Office Communicater to Lync 2013. Lync takes up too much room on the screen. Not everyone has 21 inch screens or amazing graphic cards. Is it possible to allow a compact view and be able to resize lync? If not, this should be introduced
    as a cosmetic enhancement.

  54. LW says:

    It would be nicer if Microsoft Lync has faster response time in between maximizing and minimizing its windows. I find it quite annoying sometimes when I’m in a hurry to communicate with someone on Lync (work-related) and had to double click the icon before
    it pops up.

  55. Lauri Minas says:

    The 2013 Lync window with Windows 8 is huge. It takes up 40% of my screen. I hate it. Makes it hard to run multiple apps and see their windows. Needs to be a way to make the window narrow with smaller type for the selected ‘pinned’ contacts.

  56. Shak says:

    While in an online conference with desktop sharing / program sharing or whiteboard the conversation windows keeps moving upward so whenever there is a new message I need to scroll down and keep it pressed, when I release the scroll slide it moves upward
    not showing the latest message. This is the experience in Lync 2010. Is this fixed in 2013? or any work around available in 2010

  57. Fas says:

    Having one common visual issue…
    Whe I have multiple people tabbed in Lync message window…
    It does not blinks correct name from where message came… Title in Taskbar should change temporarily to show the correct sender among multi tabs.

  58. sam says:

    BULL *** is what this APP is. Microsoft having employees like those who designed this app is the reason why they are going down big time. Cant close an app? why do you want to close an app? Seriously guys, YOU F*** MORONS

  59. Bruce Glowacki says:

    The Galley view terminology for meetings would be more appropriately named "participant view"

  60. Pop says:

    Sam. You must have high blood pressure. Maybe take a vacation on Mars for a few years. Unprofessional you are.

  61. lync user says:

    Could you add some lync themes? Visually, it is really unpleasant to look at. I also think the UI is way too big. I don’t need to see my contacts pictures, why not have a minimized theme? (For the header, I know I can remove them in the chat window). And
    round buttons with a bunch of sharp edges everywhere else. It just isn’t that nice to look at. Status and location could be on the same line.

  62. ukhan says:

    Message Sync between all devices or its useless to me and my company :(.

  63. hassled by nuff-nuffs says:

    Please please…..

    The ability so set a busy status for one group (or individual), but be available to another.

    (yes, i’m aware that Workgroup people can override Do Not Disturb)

  64. mike says:

    So I accidentaly clicked the close all tabs when closing out conversations and now can’t revert it…… I tried turning tabbed conversations off and on hoping it would reset it but nope no luck. Somewhere there is a query function listed etc – seriously
    you can’t actuall fix it for regular people so we can switch it back in settings?

  65. Ken Watson says:

    Definitely need Message Sync between devices. Nothing worse than being in a chat on the desktop and then have to leave and find that the chat is not carried over to your mobile device.

  66. Steve Farley says:

    Where is the setting for toolbar???? One would think it is in Properties…. But, nope. Also, can’t send feedback from Help tab. "Cannot perform the action because the related web page was not available…", but if I Find Someone, go to Help, and then
    Provide Feedback (which is how I got here), it works fine. Why so cumbersome and not intuitive. These hassles make me look for other products.

  67. sam says:

    Mr. Perfect aholes who designed the app, why the *** cant I close the app? if you are thinking about giving me a crap like just set away, why would you go offline? Who the *** you think you are to tell me what runs on my machine.

  68. Jardel says:

    Horrible! It´s so slow and lock the outlook too.

  69. David C, says:

    It’s an improvement over the old Lync in that it doesn’t completely crash when you drag an URL into it accidentally but…

    I’ve never seen so much wasted screen space.

    Why do you need so much space for a button? So much padding for every line of text. 3 people in a conversation have said a word each and it filled up half my screen. It’s wastefull in the extreme.

    Please pay attention to the design.
    Thank you

  70. la Nena says:

    The theme selected does not match any application existent in the background, takes long to load, slows my work pc … would not recommend

  71. Ben says:

    Our office recently switched from Communicator to Lync. One of my favorite things about Communicator was how small and unobtrusive it was–I could have multiple conversations open on my desktop without it getting in the way of my work.

    This is not the case with Lync. The Lync windows are dramatically larger than the Communicator windows, so now I have to keep them all minimized.

    It would be great if these windows could be made smaller.


  72. Mitch says:

    Why does Lync 2013 not search my list of added contacts when I search for a contact, before searching the entire company directory? This would be a welcome addition to the tool!

  73. paul says:

    I’d like my Lync PARTICIPANT list to be sorted/ presented in a consistent sequence, … ie "Firstname Surname" or "Surname, Firstname", regardless of the source of the contact details … and I’d like to choose which format please.

  74. WP 8.1 Lync 2013 can't open chat via Action Centre says:

    Platform: WindowsPhone 8.1 Update 1 (Denim), Lumia 1020, Lync version 5.8.1327.0

    Toast and Action Centre notifications work on my WindowsPhone app but they’re completely pointless when I can’t tap the notification to open the conversation, doing so always results in an alert saying "Couldn’t open the conversation".

    What makes this even more frustrating is that after the failure to open the conversation from the notification I then tap the contact in the app and there’s no sign of the incoming message, the app always starts a brand new conversation.

    Help please?

    Message copied from TechNet Forum:

  75. David Campbell says:

    Does this new version of Lync address major problems apparent in the Lync 2013 from Office 2013 as below?

    Trying using Lync 2013 over a wifi connection and when there are minor flutuations in the network connectivity (or something???), Lync decides to disconnect after a very short timeout, and the immediately successfully reconnects, but having connected sits there
    for a number of minutes hung and unable to be used, unable to be typed in, unable to have window activity, until it somehow realises that everything is ok and them comes right. This even happens when a secure shell TCP session is being used simultaneous and
    has no trouble. It also happens simultaneously when a ping job to the Lync server is pinging the server consistently and well. Mystifying.

    Also, if you paste a piece of text into Lync 2013 and then press CTRL-Z [undo], nothing happens. If you press it twice, nothing happens. If you press it three times, nothing happens, but if you press CTRL-Z four times, then it does the undo.

    Also if you’re talking to a number of people and you have tabs on the left. The tabs sometimes spontaneously and completely by themselves change their ordering, and the person you were talking to becomes somebody else, you have to locate the person you were
    talking to, and click on their tab to get them back.

    Also, if you’re closing the tabs on the left, sometimes the tabs just close. Other times, the whole window with all the tabs vanishes and then in a second or two reappears.

    Also, copying text from Lync just sometimes doesn’t work. Selecting portions of the displayed text to copy is often completely dreadful and it won’t let you do it.

    It just goes on and on…Lync 2013 is really very low quality.

  76. Eric Terzo says:

    speakers crackle when I lock PC and lync is logged in.
    I am using the Dell AC511 sound bar on a brand new OptiPlex 9020. I notice that when Lync is logged off the static goes away when I lock the PC, when I am logged in it comes back.

  77. Andrew Delosky says:

    There seems to be an issue with Lync 2013 on the HTC M8 with Lollipop running. Any updates on when you will have a fix?

  78. William D says:

    Lync Crashes on Startup for HTC One M8 on Lollipop

  79. Brian Garrett says:

    Respectfully – Lync is a horrible chat app. If this were a first chat app ever it’d be great, but here are some of the issues I have with it (which seem to be pretty basic).

    Limitation of the text size per message: ie: I can copy/paste items or type at will into Skype, Pidgin and several other other ‘chat’ based app without the asinine limitations that Lync places
    Formatting: For god’s sake – why is the default paste format BOLD HUGE LETTERS WITH NO WAY TO ADJUST IT?
    Pasting: One would think if you omit the previous formatting item you’d at LEAST give the option of pasting straight text (ctrl+shift+v) like all the other apps do? Why do I have to right-mouse click in order to gain that feature?
    This presumably is a new app. Why would you not write this with feature-parity between the Mac and Windows version? There’s no chat room ability for the Mac but yet there is for Windows? Come on guys.
    Again – feature parity. From the Mac side I can reduce the group lists to a reasonable size using small icons. Why can’t this be done with the Windows version?

    It’s almost as if you have two product development teams that don’t agree on the final product and then do a half-assed job writing the fit/finish.

  80. Ali Adravi says:

    Whatever the image it used left side in conversation is too big due to which we can see only limited amount of data.
    Max image size should be 24px or just remove it because name is already there.


  81. Keith Miller says:

    You Lync guys don’t want to hear bad feedback about Lync. I work with a company of 100’s of people all who have nightmares about Lync, but no one at M$ cares. The problems have gone on for YEARS. Unlike Skype, Lync does not JUST WORK and all I see/read/hear
    from the fanboys is that Lync is perfect, when in reality it absolutely the worst piece of software ever to come out of Microsoft.

  82. Sunil G says:

    In the chat window when you hit Space+Enter, it send a blank message to the contact. I guess there should some kind of validation.

  83. Marc says:

    I would like to mute a person for me only, so I don’t have to deal with echo from someone in the same room.

  84. angel says:

    Is there anyway to make the Lync Meeting reminder pop up in your screen no matter what your doing?
    I always miss my meetings because it doesn’t pop up and it just stays minimized on the window and i can’t notice it. It’s not even blinking.
    i know there is an audio/alarm available but my PC is always muted whenever I’m at the office.

  85. Leon says:

    Suggestion: Lync 2013 for Mac creates folder "Microsoft User Data" onder "Documents". This is very wrong, apps should create folders in "Library". Thanx

  86. moran2 says:

    i am running Lync 2010 – ver 4.0.7577.x. I have a work group of about 15 people that are dispersed geographically. I would like to use lYnc to create a timeline graph (similar to the Calendar scheduler, that shows me a time line thru a day or more of when
    the group members logon, logoff, gaps, etc. anyway i can feed the lync status for the work group members to a calendar view??

  87. Farhan says:

    Guys Lync really sucks when it comes to managing screen real estate. Why cant all chat windows roll up to one and show who is messaging with a colored blip on the top? Drag and enlarge any window if you need to. I think these features were there on most
    platforms since ages!

  88. Mr Jeff M Palmer says:

    I primarily use Lync on a multi monitor system, Like many others, I don’t notice new conversation requests due to the location of the notification box not being in my visual focus. In an office environment using sound can be very distracting to others.

    I would like to see a notification pop-up option for new conversations and/or messages fade in near my mouse pointer, or on the screen my mouse pointer is on.

  89. CAustin says:

    Have Lync integrated with Outlook at work. When we schedule a Lync meeting, the location states "Lync Meeting" How do we make it add the Conference ID to the location like, "Lync Meeting, conference ID: xxxxxxxxx"?

    In some cases, the conference ID gets truncated off the meeting details on mobile devices. Remote attendees have issues connecting. Including that data in the Location field would eliminate the problem.

  90. Jody Breitenbach says:

    I tried to use the "feedback" link in MS Lync 2013 and I received, "404 – File or directory not found." error. Well ooops. So here I am. What I would like to see in the future is, when using MS Outlook in conjunction with Lync, there is a setting that
    automatically adds the link to Lync & conference bridge info in EVERY meeting request. In other words – you do not have to add it manually each time. I am almost positive this was a feature built into Outlook or Lync in a previous version.

  91. tom says:

    Echoing the issue raised by the HTC M8 owners above I’ve just bought a Moto G 2nd edition which runs Android 5.0.2. On opening Lync it immediately crashes and restarts, I can then login and it works for a while but eventually crashes again. On restarting
    all my settings and saved login details are gone.

  92. mike says:

    My employer is using Lync 2010.
    When RDPed into multiple machines – each running Lync, the distribution of messages to any given machine is apparently random. Makes for some hilarious reading of partial conversations.

  93. Mike Bryga says:

    If Lync 2010 is running then starting Outlook 2010 fails due to locked file. I have to exit (not close) Lync (and wait 15 seconds) in order to start Outlook.

  94. Gowthami says:

    The emoticons are worst..the ones present in lync 2010 can be placed in 2013 too
    These 2013 emoticons conveys wrong emotions
    Not satisfied
    Please try to replace with emoting emoticons as in lync 2010

  95. la_bruin says:

    The app just takes up too much screen real estate. I know the cntrl+shift+p trick to reduce the size of the active call window, but this needs to be a default and everything else needs to be a whole lot smaller.

  96. Mad User says:

    This is the most useless interface ever created.
    All it does is waste screen space and constantly resize.
    There’s no useful configuration options.
    it’s a bandwidth pig

  97. Lordie Dordie says:

    The cross icon on the top right corner is meant to close the window NOT MINIMISE it! No wonder people prefer Apple as it seems like MS developers do what they feel like when they feel like it!

  98. Windows 8.1 Dynamic Scaling says:


    This problem appears to be ongoing – Lync does not dynamic scale between a high resolution monitor and a lower resolution one. If I move Lync from my 4K display, to the 1080p display – all the Lync related windows will scale to be extremely large.

    Can this be fixed?

  99. fred says:

    Please make it so you can mute someone without globally muting him. Three hours of echo from your colleague next to you is a horrible horrible thing.

  100. Tuomojar says:

    I accidentally deleted an important recording. It would be nice to be able to restore / undelete it. Why can’t it be placed in Recycle Bin?

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