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Dear Mr. Presence,

Microsoft Lync has a great status note that I can set to let others know about my status.  Often times, though, I just want to know what is going on with others in my team.  Is there a way to view everyone’s note, with the most recent first?

-Actively Engaged



Dear Actively Engaged,

You are in luck!  With Lync 2010 you can view the notes of all the Contacts in your Lync Contacts List sorted chronologically.  Just click on the Activity Feed Environment button.


The Activity Feed Tab



The Activity Feed


You will then see a list of all the Personal Status Notes, Out of Office Messages as well as changes to Photo, Office Location and Title (based on Active Directory).  This information will help you keep up with what your colleagues are doing in their professional lives.

Depending on how your system administrator has configured Lync Server, it is possible that the Activity feed could be entirely absent.  Also, the number of Personal Status Notes that are kept and displayed can vary based on administrative settings.

If you don’t want any information other than your current Personal Status Note and current Out of Office message to appear in the Activity Feed, you can always opt-out via the Lync options dialog.


Opt-out of the Activity Feed


-Mr. Presence

Comments (11)

  1. @Kathrine – Lync users can block other Lync users.  You just right click on the contact in your contact list and choose "Change Privacy Relationship" to "Blocked."  The blocked contact will then see you as "offline" in all circumstances and will be unable to initiate communications with you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this blog is quite different from others

  3. Dave Menninger says:

    Sorry, but this is an off-topic comment because I don't see any other obvious way to contact someone on the Lync team. Our company has deployed Lync to all of it's employees so we all have to use it. In general, it works great for me, but I have a gripe. I repeatedly miss when people are either chatting me or finally replying to one of my chats. Often I don't see the little Lync icon flashing in yellow for more than 10-15 minutes. It's way too subtle for a system that is about "instant" messaging. (Part of my challenge is that I normally use 2 screens at fairly high resolutions because I do coding and design work. Therefore the little flashing yellow icon is often on the screen that I'm not focused on and that's part of the reason I miss it so often.) Do you have any more obvious notification options on the near-term roadmap? (like email toast, bringing the dialog to the fore and dimming other windows, etc.)  If not, I beg that you consider adding it.

  4. Paul O'Hanlon says:

    Hi Lync team. You don't seem very active, this is your first article for 9 months! Why aren't there regular articles like on the Exchange team site? I at least would've thought you'd be banging the drum about Lync Mobile

  5. mike says:

    @Dave Menninger

    Try to use this Supertoast by Idialog and personally I think the Lync team should implement this in their next update or next version of lync. On top it's free.…/super-toast

  6. Priyanka says:

    Issues while saving the conversation of the communicator ,,, 🙁

  7. cmcirillo says:

    This is a great feature, however I'm copying the comment I made on a different blog post here as, has been stated, it's the closest I can find to getting into a dialog with anyone on the Lync team.

    We've just moved to Lync and the amount of complaints we're getting about the lack of ability to group or hide offline contacts in the "Group" tab is ridiculous. I actually feel embarrassed about suggesting to people they use the "Status" option as they give me the same answer I agree with which is "But I have my contacts grouped into teams!"

    As an example I have three teams of 10 people open for which I only care about the online status (In fact I only care about the online status of anyone, if they're offline, they're no use to me. In Communicator this took up a tiny amount of screen real estate, now in Lync I can't see half the third team as the offline contact push it off the screen.

    This feature must be SO Easy to implement and yet with a lack of any tangible response, Microsoft seem not to care or want to do anything about it.

  8. Kathrine says:

    I cant see only one person online in communicator. Is there an option for them to block me in communicator?

  9. Christianne Melanson says:

    I almost always miss incoming IM messages because 1) they do NOT pop to the front of other windows open on my monitor, 2) the TINY 'flashing' icon doesn't flash hardly at all – so there is nothing to tell me that a new message has come in, 3) it makes no SOUND when a new message comes in, 4) sometimes the icon is the wrong one – I keep getting the 'file sweeper' icon when what is 'there' is an IM.  (Clicking on fthe file sweeper icon connects me to the current conversation in Communicator.)  

  10. GAURAV SENGAR says:

    my communicator is not activated, plz make it active.  

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