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Comments (53)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was annoyed that I could not find a way to wrap lines of test in communicator, decided to leave feedback and was sent here – Now I am really annoyed!  Why can't you have an "email to someone who cares" feedback like everyone else?  

    And, BTW, how does one turn on wrap lines to window?    

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, is there posible to add a new Tab to the Lync 2010 Main Window? with the Communicator 2007 ,we can do this.

    Thank you

  3. Anonymous says:

    I get HTTP 400 Bad Request when signing in to the forums, can someone please look into that?

    That is the "Lync Clients Forum" link above, at the top of this page.



    PS: I want to post a question "How to change the name used in the default voice mail greeting?"

  4. Anonymous says:

    Steve is right, we have Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 RC2 at work and pasting on the message box is a disaster to put it lightly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any chance anyone can take a look at the following Microsoft Technet Forum posting.


    Lync Mobile Clients for iOS Phones not iPads may require a version update for the entire world.

  6. David Morse says:

    Work for a telecommunciations company and use communicator. What I would like to see is something that allows you to join a current meeting as opposed to having to have someone invite you should you leave.  Thank You.

  7. Steve says:

    How do we submit feature requests?  The way the Lync client handles web based content, like URL shortcuts or pasting from the clipboard is horrible.  At a bare minimum you should have the option to "paste as plain text"!

  8. Mary says:

    thank you for this blog. It helps me in some ways!

  9. P.Ravindar says:

    It will be good if the commucator places his own picture like yahoo, gmail etc

  10. Sean says:

    please give us a native linux client, as there is a working mac client there cant be much work needed for a linux one

  11. Nathaniel Robinson says:

    I can't help but think that OC was half-baked and programmed by people without access to the program libraries available to the rest of the Microsoft developers. The UI is inconsistent in the following ways:

    -no spell check

    -copy-pasting (especially pasting) into chat is ugly, even copying from previous chat messages into another chat

    -right-click on a link to "Copy" the url? think again. if copy is even clickable, it will copy whatever was highlighted in the chat and not the link, and NOT DESELECT the previous selection like the behavior in outlook

    -can't sort users in a custom order nor via drag/drop

    -can't change user's display name (from "Bob Chad" to "Bob Chad-DB Admin")

    -when scrolling up in the chat window, receiving a new message from the chat partner always snaps the window down to the bottom of the chat

    -expanding on previous complaint that new chat messages will snap your scroll to bottom, if in the middle of dragging scroll bar, dragging scrollbar stops working until you release and drag again

    -no custom status messages (unless you know the workaround, but still only limited to 4 custom messages)

    -no saving emoticons in chat history (they show up as their ASCII string equivalents, like "(^)" for "birthday cake emoticon")

    -changing the chat topic re-saves the entire chat in Conversation History, and the file sizes are ridiculous

    – sending an email by clicking on their name does not automatically include your normal signature

    -when window is maximized, a quick [Alt+Space] [R] does not restore down (sometimes slower shortcut combinations do work)

    -also, [Alt+Space] shows that some options are grayed out, but left clicking the top left window icon shows those options as non-grayed

    -the Search Box only SOMETIMES shows results with your contacts listed first (for me, Fred show's the Fred I know first, but Sumit doesn't; Jenifer shows the Jenifer I know, but Jen doesn't find Jenifer)

    –searching for "debra clar" works fine, but typing the 'k' shows no results

    -in buddy list, say you have only 4 names: 'gaurav' in group 1, 'gary', 'adam', and 'roger' in group 2

     collapse group 1, then start typing 'gaurav'

     notice that at first, 'gary' is selected

     if you keep typing, eventually 'roger' is selected

     since there is no name that starts with 'u', typing a 'u' will start the search all over again and the next letter typed will be matched

    -while 1 person is speaking, timestamp will not update for (an arbitrary) ~3 minutes

    Here are some further aggravating shortcomings:

    -can't put all chats in one window (the "fix" is to use the main window. this is no workaround. if I have 7 windows and can't combine them into one, opening an 8th window to manage them is not an improvement. even the "Group similar taskbar buttons" is better)

    -no persistent chats when closing window (for group nor one-on-one)

    -chat someone, close it, and chat them again: no history

     chat someone, close it but they don't, they chat you: history (but still 2 entries in Outlook Chat History folder)

     DOES NOT WORK THE SAME FOR GROUP CHATS (can not see history when re-invited)

    -if in a group chat and get disconnected but don't close window, when reconnecting to network you do not automatically rejoin the chat NOR get the messages that were missed (UNLESS in screen sharing session, can rejoin)

    -no custom emoticons (unless you know the workaround, but still limited to 150K file size)

    -can't use Communicator to take screenshots or insert messages (admittedly there are 3 ways to send pictures, one such way being to send a file. however, Sametime 7.5.1 also had the ability to send a file, but nobody used it to send images because it was inferior to simply pasting into the chat)

    –furthermore, sending a file would be the only way to have the file be accessible within the chat (you can double-click it later to reference/view it), but the files are not saved as attachments in your conversation history. only a text reference (“You have successfully received File.txt from Bob Chad, located at H:My…”)

    -can't create subgroups of users in contact list

    -can't get rid of "Other Contacts" group

    -when new person joins chat, log DOESN'T auto scroll to bottom (and can be permanently wonky after that)

    -tagging someone for notification change won't help if you lock your computer and come back long after the other person's status changes; notification is long gone

    -when inviting someone to a group chat, communicator will lie about when they have accepted the invite and joined the conversation

    -if you invite someone to the chat and they are not at their desk, the chat shows that they are a part of the chat. there is no way of telling if they are actually participating

     –furthermore, if you share your screen with everyone in the chat, people who are away cannot respond and cannot view the screen once their invitation expires

    -if chat has not been saved, exiting communicator without first closing windows sometimes does not save the chat

  12. Anju says:

    Lync does not support edit function, also there history cannot be viewed incase to refer the past messages.

  13. Joe says:

    Hmmm, I click the link Give Us Feedback Online in Communicator and I get taken to this blog. How useless and trendy of you! Why don't you put your efforts into making Communicator work correctly instead of into adding new features and coming up with new names? Oh that's right, you're Microsoft.

  14. Eric Stevens says:

    When will the Mac "Lync" client be available this year?

  15. Can you do a Lync client chart/poster like the OVA poster that the Exchange team created?


  16. Davin says:

    Am I to understand that Office Communicator is now referred to as "Lync"? Is this also a suggestion that MS will probably not be doing any updates for OC?

    Well, I'd like some way to hide offline contacts in my contact list. Please and thanks!

  17. Tony Noonan says:

    This is the worst web-nar experience I have ever had.  No support and I reloaded the Live meeting twice and still no picture and no support.

  18. Denise Fama says:

    When you are trying to copy something within the IM you are unable to double click the item or if you click and drag to highlight you get more than you want..

  19. Ken says:

    My password does not work.  I want to keep my sign-in address and user name.

  20. Glenn Hurlow says:

    Hey guys. Just tried out the Tabbed Conversations app (lync.microsoft.com/…/Tabbed-Conversations.aspx). Love it, except for one issue: the numeric keypad doesn't activate automatically when hitting the numbers on my keyboard. Very irritating as we need to enter a PIN when dialling out. Could you fix this?

  21. Jeff25 says:

    I clicked a link in Office Communicator 2007 to provide feedback, and it took me here. I would like to have an option so that when a new IM comes through, it doesn't flash or blink repeatedly. The blinking can be irritating and is an obstacle to being able to concentrate. It would be great if it could just turn orange and stay orange. (In general, I would even love it if the cursor did not blink in Word, Explorer, or Outlook.) Thanks!

  22. marwan says:

    i have problem today to call from my communicator any body know why??

  23. Nie sunny says:

    when I login the communicator 2007R2, it always notes that communicator can't connect exchange! My os is win7 x32 and I am using outlook2007

  24. Karri says:

    I get this message when I try to send a file:

    Cannot send "JLT Process Check.docx" to Aller, Tiffany. This may be due to firewall restrictions or network problems. Please try again. If you need further assistance, contact your system administrator.

  25. Tom Smith says:

    I would like to be able to assign colors to different people so that i do not mix up multiple conversations.

  26. 黄俊伟 says:

    How to feedback Bugs for Lync?

    I have Meet a problem on XP, when I received a message notification on the right bottom corner of screen, the text is transparent if the screen background is white.  my E-mail: hjw#live.cn

  27. Set up Live Meeting says:

    I am having problems setting up Live Meeting. It is asking for details that I do not have

  28. Gowtham says:

    we should be able to send the graphs or charts to the onshore team whenever we are on the meeting.

  29. satish maurya says:

    Working in the networking and technology envoironment the communicator praise a good skills to communicate with users and team members.

  30. Sup says:

    I can not sync my outlook calender and Communicator..It is not changing my status ?

  31. Bob Griffin says:

    Yes, this app bites.  Not much more to say about it.  Must have been developed with agile, and 15 different globally dispersed teams all trying to talk to one another at 3am in their own time zone.   Dear MS, you get what you pay for!  No reason for us to upgrade to this, let alone no reason for us not to go shopping for something else.  Please note the long long list of basic usability requirements from Nathaniel mentioned in his earlier post.

  32. G says:


    Office communicator should have import/export contact list feature in the 2007 version. I do not know, whether the 2010 version has it or not, but 2007 should be backward compatible and have the same features.


  33. Erin says:

    Some annoyances are listed below:

    – If I am chatting somebody while sharing the screen and degugging on Visual Studio 2010, communicator stops working. I cannot chat and debug at the same time.

    – Communicator shows green all day long. I only notice that I am somehow disconnected from it when a co-worker sends an email saying that I am showing offline or when I try to chat and everything I type is returned in red.

    – In the middle of the chat if VPN gets disconnected and reconnected, I can no longer "Save as email"

  34. Siv says:

    Is this blog still worth having bookmarked? Most recent post is 5 months old… Did I miss a move to somewhere else? :p

  35. Pam says:

    I want some team memebers to think I am busy can I vary my status

  36. Femke de Boer says:

    I can not log in. My password or username is not right. But i don't see the problem. Can you help me?

  37. jane.f.weisbaum@ssa.gov says:

    I entered the email address for my group, but every single one comes up "Presence Unknown". I don't know what they need to do to be able to use the chat function. I don't know what I did!

  38. joseph says:


    It would be very helpful if contacts could be sorted alphabetically (in one big group, rather than being divided into groups of (i) available/busy, (ii) away, and (iii) logged out).

    Why should you have to trawl through three separate lists to find someone's name?? It would save sooo much time if all contacts were grouped into one list.

  39. Amit Kumar says:

    When we join other one livemeeting it shows only me as invitee, and unable to see the meeting organiser shared window. Please give me some resolution.

  40. Cheryl Halverson says:

    Will we be getting the option to "save as email"  like Office Communicator did ?   Will Lync be linked to Outlook calendar to advise when you're "in a meeting" like Office communicatior did?  

  41. Krystle G. says:

    Is there a way to stop the communicator from timing out?

  42. Bill McCarty says:

    We use MS Lync at work and i have missed several important meeting because Lync does not have a Visibil Pop Up to let you know that someone is trying to reach you.  There must be a way to set it up so the Conversation box will pop open so you can visually see it or some other Pop Up to get your attention.  If anyone has a though or has an After Market solution i'm willing to try it.  Please caontact me at bill.mccarty@nov.com

    I thank you for any and all help,

  43. Q4Fanatic says:

    Hey, it's Q4 – any word on the CS15 expected dates or features or anything?

  44. RICK KIRCHHOFF says:


  45. ML49448 says:

    Where are the new articles?  May 4th was a long time ago! 😉

  46. Joe M says:

    I would like to know if there is a way to use Communicator as tool for workload status. I.E. I am not busy and need some work to do. How could I advertise that to my contacts visually. I thought of a different color presence button, or creating a note in the change sign-in address that would appear. Any ideas?

  47. Shani says:

    Our company has just switched over to this instead of Communicator 2007.  This IM is awful! It shuts down every time someone sends me a message.  Having a functioning communicator is an important part of my job, as I need to interact with several members of my work team all across the building, some even from their homes.  This has not proven to be a stable program and I am currenly very dissatisfied.

  48. Richard Prudhomme says:

    I am having a little problem. I installed a phone and client. It had the wrong number in AD. I changed so it was the correct number but it is still showing the old number of 219 ### ###. How do I fix this problem?

  49. test says:

    We have found our new home on TechNet!  This blog is still your source for great information on all Lync Client products directly from the Lync Client engineering team.  All the articles that were hosted on our old blog site have been migrated over so you can find and reference that content.  Expect new articles on Lync 2010 to be forthcoming soon!

  50. comments on team blog says:

    We have found our new home on TechNet!  This blog is still your source for great information on all Lync Client products directly from the Lync Client engineering team.  All the articles that were hosted on our old blog site have been migrated over so you can find and reference that content.  Expect new articles on Lync 2010 to be forthcoming soon!

  51. bkk says:

    I just installed lync 2010 on my laptop and now my headphones/mic dont work with lync.  It all worked fine with office communicator.  How do I fix this

  52. Lync@SAP CRM says:

    It is possible to connect Lync with SAP CRM e.g. Customer Interaction Center. How can this look like? And does anyone have experience in this context.


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