What is the “Server URL” field in Communicator Mobile (CoMo) for Nokia?

After installing the CoMo for Nokia client, the first thing you need to do to successfully sign-in is to get the configuration settings fields correct in the settings dialog.  We've received a number of questions on what value should be used for the “Server URL” configuration field. Many people do not know what to enter for this field or make the mistake of using the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) or IP address of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2  (OCS) Access Edge Server. For example, https://sipalt.access.contoso.com:443 where 443 is the port used for remote user access.

Before we hand you the answer, let us briefly walk you through the topology that will be used for the CoMo for Nokia client to connect to the OCS environment. CoMo for Nokia is not a direct Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoint like other supported OCS end points such as Microsoft Office Communicator, Microsoft Office Communicator Phone Edition and Microsoft Office Communicator for Windows Mobile. CoMo for Nokia uses the Communicator Web Access (CWA) server component which plays the role of Mobile Communicator Express (MCX) to connect the CoMo for Nokia client to the OCS environment and acts as a gateway to the various OCS functions.

The CWA/MCX gateway between CoMo for Nokia translates HTTP requests to OCS actions (and vice-versa) and also has an implementation for mobile optimization. So in order for the CoMo for Nokia unified communications client to have access to your OCS enterprise deployment, CWA is a pre-requisite. For more information on planning for Communicator Mobile access refer to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd425354(office.13).aspx

By now you must have figured out the answer but let me go ahead and spell it out, so for the “Server URL” configuration field in CoMo for Nokia client user should fill the OCS’s CWA server URL address, for example https://cwa.contoso.com, this is provided by your enterprise system administrator.  This server URL address is same as the one that you might use in web browser to access the OCS presence, IM, and conferencing features of OCS from web browser without installing a client or connecting through a VPN.


This article is applicable for the Communicator Mobile for Java  and Communicator Mobile for Nokia 1.0 unified messaging client product of Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

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Published Thursday, August 05, 2010 12:59 PM by octeam

Comments (111)

  1. Salman says:

    what should i write if my college provides me an Id from his own server of uotlook.com

  2. Kerr says:

    Where do you go to open up the box to put in the number in the service field box?

  3. Karuna says:

    Sir, can i know the cwa web url for gmail in communicator for mobiles ?

  4. prateek salecha says:

    can i know the cwa server url in communicator software for nokia n8,my service provider is airtel ?


  5. Thiyagarajan says:

    Is it true that communicator cann't used to communicate between two nokia n8 phones like other messaging services? What is the CWA web URL for yahoo messenger or airtel

  6. bhavesh says:

    I cant set CWA Server URL when i set for nokia N8 network T-MOBILE uk. WHEN I CALL TO CUSTOMER CARE THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS SERVER N HIS USE

  7. alex says:

    Good day! I don't know where to get the CWA Server ULR for my nokia n8. smart telecom Philippines.

    If you have idea please share it to us. Thank you

  8. Shreyantito says:

    but wat 2 type in dat field..??.."server url"..??

  9. jaiahankar says:

    sir i updated my nokia n8 then i got the microsoft communicater but caught up in problem that how to enter the server url please tell me i am waiting to access the communicater

  10. channi says:

    guys just try…..http://cwa.serviceprovidername.com…it might resolve ur cwa url server issue but again it give new prompt for dns not responding…now kindly luk for dis issue also..thx

  11. Radwa says:

    hey all 🙂 ,, guys help!! when i try to sign in it gives me error -36 (connection problem or network issue) but my device is connecting succefully ,, what can i doo????

  12. Joey says:

    hi guys, got problem with my Nokia C7 communicator sign in…what is the CWA Server URL….please help

  13. Sanjiv says:

    You guys make no sense .for a non technical simple user like me..you use so much space and time on my phone that i could not be bothered..i rather changed the phone than litsen to you bull…i not a fan of the iphone but I think i will switch to them..

  14. adam says:

    I M Using E7…….Service provider is Reliance.

    They dnt know anything abt such URL……

    Wat should i do, & where to contact for system administrator????????

  15. Duane says:

    Huh!!!! Make it simple so that avarage, normal people can understand it.

  16. Vishal says:

    can i know the cwa url server for gmail in  comunicator for mobile

  17. Pavan says:

    what should my user name and passward i tried many time but i can and plz tell me cwa serwer url…….

    i cant access so plz……. send info on this


  18. hemanta roy says:

    I’m using a nokia E5 and in order to set up my nokia communicator will the url
    https://cwa.contoso.com work in my gmail.com account.Please advice.

  19. Mohit says:

    Sir, can i know the cwa web url for gmail / facebook in communicator for mobiles ? my service provider is BSNL …

    so plz……. send info on this


  20. faraaz_7862006@yahoo.com says:

    my service provider is airtel

    plz say me in simple way dat what shud i enter in da server URL field…

    I hav enterd ma email id in da name field plzz mail da rply…

  21. franco mari says:

    what is the url I have to use to  get communicator working   in milan italy?


  22. Sukumar says:

    This article is applicable for enterprises who has deployed Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 or Lync 2010 along with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Communicator Web Access

  23. Monika Schmidt says:

    I use Nokia C7 and don't know the cwa web url for t-online mail. browser is firefox.

  24. gaurav says:

    are ye koi answers nai denge………

  25. kailash sukhwani says:

    i am havin nokia c6-01 and ms communicator in it my email id is kailashsukhwani@hotmail.com, after entering "https://cwa.contoso.com" as a cwa server url dns server not responding, what
    should i do next,

  26. vilas says:

    i have nokia n8 and my service provider is idea

    what should i wirte in CWA

  27. vilas says:

    can i know the cwa server url in communicator software for nokia n8,my service provider is idea ?

  28. Anisha says:

    What is the CWA Server URL for a N8, the service provider being LOOP Mobile (India) and assuming my preference to connect to the internet being a WLAN connection of MTNL.

  29. Sheik says:

    What is the server URL for Microsoft communicator on nokia e72

  30. vivek says:

    Hi, I use a vodafone connection for my simcard and a bsnl connection for my internet which is wifi enabled. Can u plz provide me the cwa server url for the communicator? i tried as possibilities but didn't succeed. I use the N8 (NOKIA)

  31. Marta says:

    Please, could you tell me how do I have to fill the all gaps? Can I have to write ANY name? Overall, what do I have to write in the URL server CWA? I have a c6 01. Thank You

  32. Amit Agrawal says:

    Sir, can i know the cwa web url for gmail in communicator for Nokia E7 mobile ?

  33. shamin says:

    this is complete crap, cant u explain it in a layman language,

  34. Josete 5.0 says:

    ok, but i don't know what url i have to put or where i get this url

  35. ashish_1 says:

    can i know the cwa web url for gmail in communicator,my service provider is airtel

  36. prajwal says:

    how tomake an account for communicator??

  37. arjun vats says:

    i m a student and dont go to any office, so noe does this communicator has any use for me?????

  38. tomm says:

    Пишет, что DNS-сервер не отвечает. Телефон N8! Че делать?

  39. Ramesh says:

    what i can write for cwa url adress for gmail in mobile communicator

  40. Biju Vijayan says:

    Sir, can i know the cwa web url for gmail /yahoo/ facebook in communicator for mobiles ? my service provider is BSNL …

    so plz……. send info on this


  41. udi says:

    I could not connect, the server does not know …. I have to get someone help me?

  42. Ma. Virginia E. Guinto says:

    Where can I get the CWA server? My AT&T service provider doesn't have a clue as to what am I taking about.

  43. Jaineel says:

    What is the CWA server url in india? How can i use that is?

  44. Mandeep says:

    Hi ,

    I am using Nokia 701 and i want to configure my gtalk account to my communicator.

    Please help me to reslove this issue.

    send me datails on mandeep.tinu@gmail.com


  45. Manek99 says:

    plz tell me how i can find cwa web server of tim italy i have n8

  46. Rafiullah says:

    how it works and how i can access it?

  47. Manuel Tokmakjian says:

    Please, for crying out loud, my head is going to explode! can you in PLAIN and SIMPLE English say WHAT to write, and not give me some examples!! I want to know the CWA for MSN (Windows Live Messenger), or else I would conclude that this is something stupid and worthless! My cell is Nokia E6-00 with the latest software version (025.007) please REPLY!!

  48. Amit says:

    this is a nice blog, it gives good information about Nokia CoMo

  49. Luiz says:

    does anyone know if the settings above work with Lync Online provided with Office 365 product? Thanks.

  50. David says:

    I have Nokia C7. Please tell me what is the CWA Server URL. Thanks.

  51. Ramakant says:

    What should be entered if we wish to use Facebook chat as IM client?

  52. Individual user access for CWA says:

    I want to use to for my individual purpose and do not want my company's CWA? Is there a way to use then Lync?

    Also do we get the answer to our queries here or not. I do not see any answers below. My email ID is – raahul1vj@gmail.com

  53. remza says:

    what is the cwa server url for nokia e6 and service prider is vodacom?

  54. colin says:

    Im glad you spelled it out.

    Unfortunatly I speak ENGLISH,not gobbledegook.

    Still puzzled-:(

  55. Kostas koutsoubas says:

    Very hard,almost impossible for normal users to manage it

  56. laura says:

    no lo puedo hacer , me da el codigo 7372

  57. jorge says:

    assalamu alaikum! i am in uae and my service provider is etisalat.  what will i put on the cwa url server in activating communicator for my nokia e7? thanks.

  58. Divakar says:

    i am having nokia c6, kindly send me the URL for communicator to dhiva0789@gmail.com

  59. Munroop says:

    uhmmm…… ENGLISH PLEASE?!????????!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!! Im only thirteen years old i sdont understand all ur technician talk!!!! i need some sort of cwa server url for canadian users do i put like hotmail or something?

  60. chiro says:

    sir plsssssssssss tel me what will be my cwa server url for nokia 603 with BSNL network connection on gmail account…..chiruspecial@gmail.com

  61. welly says:

    communicator is asking for a valid CWA web url…..can u help me with one?

  62. cynthia says:

    podría indicarme claramente como se coloca el url por que lo que están explicando no se entiende tengo E63 y E5 y eso que ya deberíamos haber de descubierto es para ??????????

    se necesita una respuesta concreta por el tiempo que uno tiene que emplear

  63. kozi says:

    waw this is soooo boring wahtsapp is much better

  64. bishal says:

    i cant understand how to configure nokia communicator. Cwa server address –wich  address type

  65. jonas savimbie says:

    stilll dont get it…cant u just post the answer instead of writting an essay?

  66. Dhaval says:

    I have Nokia 603. Please tell me what is the CWA Server URL.

    send URL in – dhavalchuri9@gmail.com

  67. Mahendra says:

    Hi All,

    I am using Nokia E 72.

    I have COMO installed in it.

    Earlier it user to work fine with the server url

    However now it says Server is not available.

    Please help me resolving this issue.

    Thanks in advance.


  68. mohan sharma says:

    i want to do cwa so please give me information about cwa

  69. adil ansari says:

    hi i am using nokia e72 wid tata docomo connection so please help me out wid the server url for communicator.

    Mail me at :- smart.adam.luv143@gmail.com

  70. Maja says:


    I have Nokia 700 and I would like to use google talk on my phone. How can I do this?

    Please answer me on my mail: majasustersic@gmail.com


  71. ketan says:

    What should i Input in Server URL Field

  72. ketan says:

    I am using C7-00. My sevice provider is BSNL…. So please tell me the server url

  73. I am sudhakar i am using nokia e63 service provider reliance server URL address send my mail id sudhakar18591@gmail.com

  74. vedpal says:

    i am using nokia e5 plz setting url…

  75. Aman says:

    what should be the server url for airtel..i have a hotmail ID.

  76. amanda says:

    what is the cwa server  url for hookt

  77. mike says:

    Isn't it more simple and honest to tell everone that the skhsdis software does not work at all ?

  78. ragesh says:

    can I get url for ma n8..? Network provider s docomo..

  79. Chameera says:

    I need a CWA server URL to my Nokia C6-01 Phone..

  80. Chameera says:

    I need a CWA server URL to my Nokia C6-01 Phone..  

    sebd URL in – chameerakanchana@yahoo.com

  81. Provash Bhowmik says:

    how to fill CWA server URL in my nokia e7

  82. steel says:

    I was checking this app and have entered the username and url and now I want to delete the details filled in as it asks for password every time, but I can't remove username remove any details. I don't want to configure any account in the app. Can you help me remove the details and not the app.

  83. alister says:

    where i will get the cwa sever url…for my nokia 500 and i have a gmail account is it worth to be used with it….

  84. Call Tracking System says:

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  85. MARIE says:

    so what can i write when opening a mail and it requested for server url and password, username, and domain name

  86. MAHLOMOLA says:

    I am using SANSUNG E2220 i do not know its server URL

  87. ronak poojara says:

    actually sir i have Nokia E-5 & i want to set up a communicator. and i want server url so plese help me for this…..

    how can i set up communicator.  please help me………..

  88. mohamed ameer90@gmail.com says:

    Pls I'm centing your group I'm working your company

  89. mohamed ameer90@gmail.com says:

    Pls I'm centing your group I'm working your company pls help me

  90. mukesh says:

    Plz help me ..How to configure Communicator in my Nokia 603? & what is User name, password  and CWA Server URL? And i'm using Reliance sim in my Nokia 603 phone. Please help anyone who know about it. Please reply….

  91. Hybrid Number System says:

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  92. ali.samra says:

    سوريا الأسد

  93. ali.samra says:

    سوريا الأسد

  94. rahmat khan says:

    plz tell me how i can find cwa web server of tim
    italy i have n8

  95. rahmat khan says:

    dna server is not suppoting .for this

  96. thomasjoe194 says:


  97. serdar says:


  98. Arjun says:

    sir i cannot understant how to filled in CWA WEB URL place,
    so plz tell me ans in perfact word in language m i understand

    thnx for ur obay

  99. juan antonio gaytan alvarez says:

    que honda

  100. md alam says:

    cwa server problem

  101. Mubarak Aly Muhd says:

    i have a problem in my phone i want upgrade it, but the only problem is that they ask me proxy server not responding i need assistant please

  102. Trudy Bray says:

    Completely useless. I need to know what to fill in not how clever you are.

  103. Freddy says:


  104. SALIM N says:

    NOKIA N8 00

  105. abubakar# says:

    * peales my friends am asked how do i setup a new server profile to update my nokia E5 symbian phone

  106. atiqul says:

    Sir,I can know the cwa service url address communicator for mobile?

  107. atiqulislam says:

    Sir,I can know the cwa url service communicator for mobile nokia e7?2

  108. abdi says:

    my nokia c7 ovi store is not work how to update my phone

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