IM an Expert

Are there experts in your enterprise that would like to share their knowledge? Do you find yourself trying to find the right person to answer a particular question?

IM an Expert for Lync Server 2010 can help connect experts in an organization with those seeking their advice. Unlike forums, distribution lists or other existing methods, IM an Expert can provide almost immediate assistance by searching for available experts and using IM to contact them.

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IM an Expert for Lync Server 2010 is an instant messaging question and answer service that you can set up within your organization. With the IM an Expert service, you can use Microsoft Lync or the IM an Expert Welcome page to submit a text question to the service. The IM an Expert service will locate an expert for you within your company and initiate an IM session between you and an expert. Answers are recorded and can be made available for later reference. You can specify your privacy and question preferences on the IM an Expert Website. IM an Expert is based on UCMA 3.0 and at a high-level, consist of a BOT, a Web Site, and SQL database.

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Comments (76)

  1. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who keep missing the IM notifications, the answer is to use LyncNotifier.  It's a Lync add-on that ensures that the notification appears on top of all other windows so you don't miss it.  And as an added bonus, it places a glowing border around the notification.  (You can choose the size and color of the glowing border).

    you can get it here:

  2. Md Imam Hossain says:

    After loggin my computer communicator shows me away. It can not made avilable manually. After 20-30 minutes its automatically shows avilable. How can i solve the kind of problem.

  3. IM user says:

    How come communicator can't send messages to somebody who is offline? Yahoo Messenger allows you to do this.

  4. Kartikeya Choudhary(Accenture) says:

    Its a feedback for Microsoft Office Communicator R2 —

    When a person is offline in OC and other person tries to send a message the message will not be delivered since the person is offline. Which is correct.

    But lets consider a case , wherein Person A has blocked person B in his/her list. Now person A appears to be offline to Person B ,, but the catch is when person B tried  to send a message to person A ,, messages delivers succesfully even though the person A was appearing as offline.

    Now — Person B gets to know that person A has blocked person B, Which person A might not want person B to find out and when the Person A was appearing as offline so it should not deliver the message and the behaviour should be as person A is really offline for person B.

  5. Working from Spain says:

    Feedback for new OC: I can't type letters with accents anymore (ñ, á, é, í, ó).  The normal key shortcuts that work for other microsoft applications (and still do) now do not work in the new OC.  I work with Spain and need these to communicate in Spanish.  How can I enable key shortcuts in OC?

  6. Robin says:

    I couldn't get logged on as a participant until I joined my corporate VPN. What happens if I am doing a live meeting and my outside customer needs to participate and they can't VPN to my company?

  7. Comcaster says:

    I just got upgraded to OC 2007r. On my laptop I show me as being online, but all my coworkers show me as offline. Whats the deal?

  8. Kim Weeden says:

    When someone calls me on IM they can't hear me.  I have all the volumes up but still nothing.  Any suggestions?


    I really do like the new look of I/M, but I don't see where we can click when telling people we off work.  I sign off, but it still continue to show (GREEN) for available. Did you move it or put it in a place where we can’t find it?

  10. M Sutherland says:

    I just upgraded to Windows 7.  On XP, if someone IM'd me and I didn't pick it up right away, their name would highlight on a tab in the shortcuts section of my screen.  Now, I get no indication at all to know that someone has IM'd and there is a message waiting.  How can I get that notification back??

  11. colleen says:

    How do I locate the phone number for a colleague while in communicator?

  12. Deb says:

    I am having issues with my Communicator not speaking to my calendar and showing me as available unless I go in and change it manually.   Is there something I can do to link Communicator to my Outlook calendar?

  13. zaleha says:

    We just have this IM at our office. When receiving the IM, it would be great if it pop up to notify us if we have a IM. the sound is low and if you are away from your desk, you might not notice it for a while. Is there a way to do it?

  14. Whitkin says:

    Is there any to set minutes when you are away from available, busy, etc?

  15. Mark says:

    Not so much a comment, but more of a request or addition.  When on the do not disturb status,  it seems that no messages come through from others while in that status.  I request that messages while in this status, should be allowed through, but create a pop up box with options to accept the message (without changing your status), put it on hold in some sort or decline by whomever sent it. This way even if you don't want to be disturbed, you don't miss out on any important messages. Thanks!

  16. Changing display names says:

    I am trying to migrate from Yahoo messenger to this program, but something that really frustates me is the fact that I cannot change the display name for each contact. A lot of people have pretty bizarre id's and I have hundreds of contacts. If the id's cannot be replaced by their names, it becomes very hard to search for people. Any idea if it is at all possible to change their display names or if an update to do this will be available soon?

    Many thanks

  17. KellyK says:

    How do you change the font permanently

  18. Emerald McNair says:

    What does Availble-IM only mean on the Office Communicator?

  19. Emily Nichols says:

    Im a new starter and i cant for the life of me work out how to update the old IM that i have been assigned and i have been trying LITERALLY all day. please somebody help me or i wnt be able to come back tomorrow.



  20. Nupur Mittal says:

    I can't hear the presentation via my computer

  21. Aline says:

    in the past week my IM has not been able to recognize my corporate address book.

    Error message:  Cannot synchronize with the corporate address book.  This may be because the proxy server setting in your web browser does not allow access to the address book.

    Any setting changes I need to do?  

    Thank you, Aline

  22. prateek says:

    I recently upgraded my OS to windows 7, but since then i cant see online status of my company contacts in outlook. Just gives me an error "outlook integration error". How can i solve this? Thanks!!!

  23. Yael says:

    My IM is not showing the meetings I have. The outlook integration is not working!!!

  24. d says:

    How do I add a contact?  This GUI is not exactly intuitive.

  25. Margi Christopher says:

    I just got my new IBM thinkpad and Windows 7.  My IM's used to popup or blink at the bottom of my screen.  Now they don't, so I don't realize I've received the IM.  What setting can I change to make them more visible?

  26. Jon Clarke says:

    I am forever missing incoming messages, as I have the sound low in the office and the flashing icon is just not very visible. Is there a way to get teh message to pop up un your screen when is comes in. Messenger used to do this.

  27. Vipul Mogre says:

    From MOC 2005 doing a sharing is sometimes difficult when on MOC 2007.

    Could you please rectify this error…?

    Also when a chat window is opened, in MOC 2005, on the right hand side of person in conversation we could see a black arrow where we could view the details like Cell No, desk no etc…

    However, the same is not present in MOC 2007 but we have to right click on persons name then go to call to view all these details which is really time consuming.

    Would be great if you fix these errors…

  28. Joseph Cullen says:

    I Really like your this post which you given in this sites.

  29. kathleen says:


    I lost the smileys in Communicator. I see them on the list, but if someone is sending me a message in communicator using a smiley I only see dots and bars…

  30. DJ says:

    My company upgraded to Office Communicator 2007 R2 version 3.5.6907.221 and it has been an absolute nightmare do to one feature. Copy and Paste does not work unless you first copy and paste in Notepad then copy and paste that into the communicator. Any attempt to copy and paste a simple word locks up the window for over a minute. Is there any way to turn off formatting so that we can just copy and paste a normal word.

  31. Jeannie Windsor says:

    Hello -I have an issue with my IM communicator.  It continues to display my out of office message even when I have my out of office assistance messenger turned off?  How do I keep it from doing this?  thanks

  32. JBD says:

    Communicator is setup at work to automaticalyl log me in when I sign into my work computer.  Today I noticed it shows me as 'Away' when I am available in the the office.  I checked and my out of office is not on and I do not have any meetigns scheduled but yet I am unable to change my status to 'Available' even after restarting the application and my laptop.  Can someone please help me?

  33. Nagi Bhimireddy ( BN ) says:

    Can we add a an external Links or Internal Links like Favorites  or some thing like

    Under Main Menu –> Tools –> Links –>…/portal

    … and so on.

  34. MicrosoftSucks says:

    Microsoft Communicator really really really sucks.

  35. Kiran says:

    communicater is always shows offline

  36. Keep missing the im alert says:

    If you are not at your desk when the message comes in, the message screen shows for a few seconds and then is gone until you happen to glance at your toolbar and see that you have a highlited box.  It's not eye grabbing enough.  Before Window's 7, the message window would stay open until to either answered or closed it.  How do we get it back to that.  Too many messages being missed.

  37. Michael McGehee says:

    The need to specify excange login credentials when Outlook is already running and connected, is poor design.  The fact that OC will tell you someone is available, you open a chat window, and it STILL tells you they're available, and when you compose a note and send it, it then tells you they're NOT available, is poor design.  Is this not a client/server system, with active threads to the OC server?  Why would it not know, to the last moment, if someone has signed off?  Why would it require a second login, after exchange has already established a connection, just to push conversation history into the Outlook mailbox?  

    I'm certain there is some technical reason for both of these problems; the point is they're both frustrating.  And in fact the length of time it takes OC to sign in, is yet another black eye for the software.  

  38. Susan A. Chileski says:

    I need to change the display name but cant seem to get it to change. The email address is correct with my new married name but old name stays viewable

  39. HS says:

    it would be great if you can add spell check…..and also T9 facility.

  40. # says:

    My "appear offline" status went away a few days ago. How do I get that back?

  41. P.C.BALAJI says:

    There is no option to Group close in the Messager to decline members added to Messager in new version.

  42. Bruce Dunai says:

    I am using Windows 7.  Using Office Communicator 2007 R2, I cannot click on and view current conversations.  For the first several weeks things worked fine, but now I can view the current conversations, but they are very small and I cannot view them.

  43. George Patterson says:

    Communicator says I am available, but my team sees me as being offline.  In my communicator window, it is showing every contact without any status.

  44. Umar N says:

    For folks who work with team situated across the globe it will be of great use if you can add a field in the contact properties or somewhere an option to quickly find out the local time of that contact.

  45. Darshan Ladge says:

    In my communicator only myself showing Available and nobody contacts was showing Available.

  46. Mary Torrison says:

    Does a new employee have to request access to office communicator?  We have a new employee that just started, he logged in but it says he does not have access rights?

  47. Lucila Obrador says:

    I'm still using Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 version, I used it yesterday unfortunately when i open my IM this morning, it says"Parameter is incorrect" and cannot use the IM though i made my PC restart many times. PLease help.

  48. Jeanne Fitzgerald says:

    My office communicator keeps showing that I'm busy ( when I'm not.)

    It turned off and I had to put the application back on, which temporarily showed a green light, then it quiclkly reverted to brown.

    Please help.

  49. IM User-2007R2 says:

    why does minimized officer communicator pop up everytime we open an Internet Explorer? Any fix please

  50. working at IFKM says:

    i'm encounter problem not able to send message to one of my collegue. He is online with the status away & available. But when i double click on his name, the conversation window did not pop out.

    The office communicator is working find with other people.

    pls advice how to resolve this error.


  51. Catherine says:

    Is there any way that a spell check tool can be incorporated into communicator?

  52. wondering says:

    Do administrators / Employers have access to chat logs that Employees do not? with regard to privacy considerations or mis-use issues for Office Communicator ?

  53. KC says:

    It would be nice if you could add a feature to computer text someone during the presentation similar to the way you can speak on the microphone.

  54. kathleen says:

    how do we save conversations?  we used to be able to save as a file or email the conversation to ourselves … very handy if the boss is giving you instructions.  don't see the option anymore

  55. Don Parker says:

    on the older version of communicator there was a option to have the im pop onscreen when a reply was sent. For some reason when a reply is sent you only see a small change in the Icon at the bottom of the screen, Is there an option to allow this to pop on screen or give more of a signal that somone has replied to your IM?

  56. Nicole says:

    I created a session this morning to Meet Now, but when I got into my meeting, I could not invite anyone, which made me lose my customer call – I wanted to show them something online that moment, and I kept them on as long as I could, but I was unable to get anyone into the meeting.

  57. Joe M says:

    I would like to know if there is a way to use Communicator as tool for workload status. I.E. I am not busy and need some work to do. How could I advertise that to my contacts visually. I thought of a different color presence button, or creating a note in the change sign-in address that would appear. Any ideas?

  58. jane parr says:

    can I retrieve an old IM message that was sent to me 2 weeks agao?

  59. GIL says:

    We have Microsoft Lync on all our PC's, but plan to enable enterprise voice office by office. Is there a way to diable the voice component in the Lync client like there was in Communicator?

  60. disappointed says:

    lack of remote assistance option  is painful 🙁



  62. Nana says:

    I'm wondering if there is a way for me to save my lync conversation in my outlook?

  63. craig donnelly says:

    does lync support continious presence or is it voice activated only

  64. Sam Berry says:

    Lync 2010 for iPad – On the app store itis version 4.1.662 and our corporate environment uses 4.1.7. When i try to use lync 2010 for iPad, it gives me an error message saying your client is out of date, please ugrade to latest client contact your SA.  

    My question is: is Lync2010 for iPad going to update its version to 4.1.7 and if so when?

  65. Chris says:

    When can we put contacts in our own made folders?

  66. Jessica Harris says:

    How can I pull up Conversation History with a specific contact?

    I ex'd out of a conversation and the beginning of it is now gone

  67. ALICIA HARTMAN says:

    After our upgrade to windows 7 Ifficer Communicator no longer turns orange when someone has responded

    I always minimize while working and unless it changes color I have no way of knowing someone has responded or is trying to contact me.

    Canthis be corrected?


  68. Damien O'Brien says:

    Hi, When I click on a join meeting lync link in outlook I get brought to a web page interface but I cannot hear anything and no one can hear me.  What am I doing wrong?

  69. abi says:

    ALL these forums are all bogous — no one answers –i am fedup.

  70. Stacy2 says:

    when i first send an IM – the notification comes on for that person – shows my name and title- is there a way to change that title?

  71. Ken Barnes says:

    How can I have a non-USB source into Lync? Can I create a virtual video device?

  72. Kim Alfano says:


    I am wondering if there are any reporting capabilities to be able to tell how long someone is away?


  73. Gil DeVera says:

    We've created severa common area phones in Lync. Since then some office have moved and changed names. Is there an easy way to rename these common area phones besides delete and recreate the objects?

  74. britny says:

    I recently got a new computer and I really liked my font as orange but the closest thing I can find is red, does anyone know how I can get my orange back. I miss my orange. Loves and lates 🙂

  75. Khileshwar Kumar says:

    I have created some common area phones, which are working fine. But there is a requirement to rename them. I have tried to google but could not found any command which can help me to rename the phones. I need assistance on renaming the phones.

  76. Josh in CT says:

    Hello, does IM an Expert work on Lync Server 2013? I had it running in our lab a long time ago on Lync Server 2010, and we’ve now been running Lync Server 2013 for a year and a half and my end users are now asking if I can enable it in our production deployment.
    But I can’t find any information as to whether it’ll run against a 2013 pool. Thanks!.

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