Cool Tip of the Day 58: Instant Messaging

Microsoft® Office Communicator for Java, to send an instant message to
someone who is in your Contact List do one of the following:

  •  From Online Contacts select Options, select Send IM.
  •  From Online Contacts, select the person, select Details, and then select Send Instant message and select Send IM.

To select between conversations

  1. From the Conversation window, select Options.
  2. Choose Contact List. This option is only available if you are in multiple conversations. Choosing this will take you to the All Contacts tab of the Contact Manager window where you can select between conversations.

To switch to a call

  1. From the Conversation window, select Options.
  2. Choose Switch to Call.

When you switch to a call the default calling option is a Work call.  You cannot participate in an IM conversation until the call ends.  If there is no Work call choice provided under options, you can open that person’s Contact Card and choose a number to make a direct cellular call.
To add someone from your Contact List to a conversation

  1. From Options, select Invite Someone. The Online Contacts window open.
  2. Choose the person you wish to contact

To add someone not in your Contact
List to a conversation

  1. From Options, select Search and Add.
  2. From the Search Corporate Directory window, enter the alias in the Enter name to search by text box, select E-mail address, Display name, First name, or Last name in the Find by list, and then select Search.

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Neeti Gupta
Product Manager, UC Technical Audience Marketing

Published Thursday, July 23, 2009 7:39 AM

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  1. Peter Amadi says:

    I have not being able to sign into my Microsoft Office Communicator 2007R2 since the insallation of Office 2010.

    Can someone tell me more on the functions Offfice Communicator.


    Peter Amadi

  2. Chris H says:

    Love Office Communicator, but was wondering if there is any plan to add auto spell check to it?  This is really the only improvement I can think of that would make this thing a 10 out of 10 for me.



  3. Lynette L says:

    Is there a pop up to notify you of an IM?

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