Cool Tip of the Day 14: Control Access to Your Presence Information

Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 R2, you use Access Levels to
control the presence information that others see. For example, you
probably have a short list of co-workers who you want to have access to
your mobile phone number. To make your mobile number available to a
contact, assign the contact to a Team or Personal Access Level.

Switch to Access Levels view
Click the Change view button and then click Access Levels.

Change a person’s Access Level
Right-click a contact’s name, click Change Level of Access,
and then select a level. You can also drag a contact into an Access
Level group if you are viewing the Contact List by Access Levels.

Block a person from contacting you
In the Contact List, right-click a contact’s name, click Change Level of Access, and then select Blocked.

Create a list of contacts who can interrupt you
to the Access Levels view, and then drag the contacts who you want to
be able to interrupt you while your presence is set to Do Not Disturb into the Team Access Level.

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Neeti Gupta
Product Manager, UC Technical Audience Marketing

Published Thursday, April 23, 2009 10:45 AM

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